Trelleborg Online Calculator Aids Blanket Selection


TRELLEBORG, SWEDEN | Trelleborg Printing Blankets has launched an online production downtime cost calculator designed to highlight the importance of considering whole life costs during printing blanket selection.

It enables print managers to input their current printing requirements and outgoings, including elements such as how many blankets are used per month, hourly cost of downtime, and blanket cost per unit, to reveal the potential long-term savings they could be making by installing a premium, as opposed to a standard, blanket.

Thomas Linkenheil, PA director at Trelleborg, says, “With the current economic climate continuing to prove extremely difficult for everyone, there has been increasing pressure on the industry to control costs and improve efficiency. As such, it is vital that the industry understands that a cheaper blanket doesn't necessarily mean that they will save money. Instead, it’s more often the case that higher quality blankets will help reduce business overheads and decrease downtime, saving printers more money in the long run.”

In other news from Trelleborg, the company reports it has received accreditation from independent testing institute ISEGA for both its Rollin and Vulcan printing blankets. The official certification confirms these blankets can be used safely and confidently in the printing process of food packaging.

Designed for the packaging market, the new Vulcan Kart-One hybrid blanket and Rollin LibiX are suited for use with both conventional or UV inks. The Kart-One is said to provide a long service life, high smash resistance, and very good print quality. The LibiX incorporates a solvent-free carcass said to make it more environmentally friendly.

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