Metal FX Films Offers Cross Grain Brushed Pattern


BRIDGEWATER, NJ | Metal FX Films has introduced Metallized Cross Grain Brushed, saying the dramatic appearance will guarantee brand owners their package will get the attention of shoppers.

The films, created using a proprietary process, have brushed lines going in both vertical and horizontal directions. Sometimes thought of as a linen or crisscross pattern, this new offering is available in most standard web widths.

“This new capability is great news for our industry,” says Jerry Brown, general manager for Clear Cast Technologies, Ossining, NY. “I have worked with [the company] and have found they have a total commitment to product quality…and customer service, even for smaller-sized companies.”

The company, which was launched in early 2014 by long-term industry veterans Jim Parker and Charlie Yetka, says brands have achieved significant spikes in sales by using brushed films as their finish. Reportedly, the finish is well suited for packages such as golf ball boxes, special-edition and premium DVDs, mouthwash rinses, skin and hair care products, fragrances and shopping bags, CDs, gift items, makeup and perfumes, POP displays, elegant confections, men’s and women’s toiletry cartons, and more.

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