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Sometimes I get so caught up in reporting on others' news about machinery, materials, products, and services, that I forget about promoting PFFC's own great news. So this month I'm taking this space to talk about things some of you astute readers already may have noticed without my direction. On the odd chance you haven't observed anything different, here goes…

Have you noticed that we've uploaded a completely revamped online Buyers Guide on It's the most comprehensive collection in the converting industry of basic materials (including films, resins, foils, paper, and board); supplies and services; and equipment, accessories, and machinery.

Over the course of some 67 years, PFFC editorial teams have combined their knowledge of the converting industry with that of the many Buyers Guide Departments that have collected data, assembled, and generated what traditionally has appeared as an indispensable print directory. Now, of course, the Buyers Guide is a print, electronic, interactive, and equally indispensable resource. Just click on the blue Buyers Guide banner at the top right of our home page to identify and locate over 750 suppliers by name or location in more than 300 categories and subcategories.

If you're an industry supplier or contract converter and your listing is missing, scroll to the bottom and click on Listing Options, or contact Tim Janes with questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 303-674-0577.

While you're on our site, please also Connect, Like, and/or Follow us on LinkedIn (as myself or PFFC), on Twitter (@PFFCmagazine or @YoPFFC), and Facebook (PFFConverter). We want to hear about what's happening in your world, but I'd also like to know just how active you are in social media, in terms of minutes/day, and what return on investment you or your company has experienced.

Last but not least in this update, I'm pleased to introduce to you our new group publisher, Wayne Madden, for PFFC and our sister publication American Printer. David Fay, with us for 14 years, takes on the title of national sales director, and Tim Janes, with us for ten years, expands his sales role as national inside sales manager.

As for the new name gracing our masthead, Wayne Madden is no stranger to technology. He began his career as an IT programmer and consultant; he's written three books about AS/400 security. In 1988, he won a trade publication's reader contest and became a full-time writer. Seven years and hundreds of articles later, he was named publisher/editor-in-chief of System iNEWS. In 1997, Wayne became the group publisher, a responsibility he presently retains.

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