An Integrated Perspective

When it comes to achieving market success, I've learned from many of you over the years that there are at least four basic tenets that will deliver results: #1: Be a valued resource to your customers. #2: Be the first to market — whenever possible — with your product. #3: Be first in your market. #4: Be unique — differentiate yourselves from your competitors.

Some may argue over the order of these principles, but anyone would be hard pressed to challenge their significance when planning/executing a marketing plan.

On occasion people have asked me why PFFC over the years didn't abandon its horizontal approach to covering the converting industry and go “vertical.”

Here's one philosophy about which I would sincerely appreciate further feedback from our readers — those people who request to receive PFFC to help them stay abreast of new technology trends.

Since 1927, Paper, Film & Foil Converter has served readers as a valued resource, covering the entire industrial print and converting industries — an integrated perspective. We've never wavered in providing information readers can trust to be accurate and relevant to their businesses. And PFFC was first to market even before the market had a name! For decades, PFFC was known as “the bible of the converting industry,” and while today there are more vertical publications, they have served only to make PFFC editors work harder to live up to our readers' expectations. PFFC continues to be the market leader and is unique in maintaining monthly horizontal coverage of a diversity of subject matter readers the world over find only in the pages of PFFC and on our integrated website.

Many of our subscribers have commented on the manner in which we serve our markets best:

  • I think of PFFC as a small window to the industry that we serve. I do gain a great deal of industry information on my own, but I feel that PFFC fills/augments my monthly information intake. And as we all know, “knowledge is power.” — M. Dolan
  • Industry news is very helpful, editorials are thought-provoking, and feature articles are often illuminating. — Unprinted Rolls & Sheets Reader
  • Even though some of the content doesn't apply directly to our business, it's interesting to keep up with the technology in case we expand into other areas. Or, sometimes the technology for a different area of converting can be applied to what we do. It's always nice to see new ideas and principles to avoid paradigms. — Unprinted Rolls & Sheets Reader

Coverage of such a diversity of subjects, markets, and processes allows our readers to learn about the commonalities they share with other converting businesses. It gives our business partners the opportunity to reveal capabilities and technologies that can be applied and implemented by a multifaceted user base. I invite your perspective.

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