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Film Forms Protective Pockets
Pechiney Plastic Packaging
, Chicago, IL; 866/704-2379;
Multilayer thermoformable film is a nylon, LLD, coextruded flat film. When heated, the film forms deeply shaped pockets that keep product secure within the formed package. Patented, pliable structure is said to conform to vacuum-packed products more closely than traditional flat films. Reportedly exhibits excellent resistance to flex cracking, while remaining clear and peelable for easy opening.

Synthetic Paper Enhanced
, Lewis Center, OH; 740/548-4894; 800/848-6982;
Synthetic paper designated Spectralite 5SPW is a PP film reinforced with fillers to enhance the white, opaque surface. Treated two sides to work well with conventional offset, screen, flexo, and thermal transfer printing methods. Reportedly offers strong resistance to water, chemicals, oils, grease, and heat (temperature range is -60 to 200 deg F). Can be die-cut, bound, folded, laminated, embossed, foil stamped, and stitched.

Film Has High Tensile Strength
Contract Converting
, Greenville, WI; 800/734-0990;
Tundra HD HDPE film for tags and labels reportedly features a superior roll profile and high MD tensile strength. Corona treated film is said to have virtually no gauge band tendencies. Stocked in company's Roll Express program in both 7.5- and 10-mil thicknesses, it's available in almost any caliper from 2-12 mil in white or natural color.

Synthetic Paper for IML Use
Yupo Corp. America
, Chesapeake, VA; 888/USE-YUPO;
In-mold-label (IML) synthetic paper is said to provide exceptional print quality, uniform coating surface, predictable convertibility, and powerful brand appeal at POP. Papers are waterproof, 100% recyclable, and resistant to tears, scratches, and chemicals. They eliminate the need for adhesives and may reduce the overall resin weight used to make in-mold containers by as much as 15%.

Wet or Dry Laminate Cold Foil
Amagic Holographics
, Irvine, CA; 215/234-8344;
KOLDfoil MX is available in silver, blue, red, green, and three hues of gold. Can be used for wet lamination (cure-through) or dry lamination (conventional) cold foil printing processes. Cold foil printing allows flexo printer to apply foil without the need for heated rotary dies. Uses a specially formulated UV-curable adhesive, applied with a standard flexo photopolymer plate, to transfer the foil onto the substrate.

Adhesive Is for Wet Laminating
ADM Tronics Unlimited
, Northvale, NJ; 201/767-6040;
Unex LT water-based adhesive is designed for use in laminating PVC (vinyl) to nonwovens and paper wallcovering structures in a wet-laminating process. Can be used as supplied or diluted with water. May be applied with conventional roller coating application.

Paper Suited for Tattoo Trend
Avery Dennison Corp.
, Painesville, OH; 440/358-4943;
Added to the Fasson Rapid-Roll product line are Tattoo Paper and 1-mil PET Easy Release Liner. This water-release paper and companion cover sheet liner are engineered exclusively for the printing of temporary skin tattoos. Paper's smooth surface can be printed by flexo, litho, or screen and is formulated to be fully compatible with FDA-approved inks and adhesives. The Easy Release Liner cover sheet, to be used with the Tattoo Paper, is manufactured utilizing a platinum thermal-cured silicone system and is said to provide excellent clarity with a consistent uniform release.

Clay Coating Aids Printing
, Charlotte, NC;
Polyart synthetic paper is said to be very durable, and clay coating reportedly ensures vivid, colorful print quality. Product is called versatile enough to print using most conventional and new printing methods. Suited for many applications, including posters, tags, and bar-coded labels, product contains no chlorine or other halogens and is nontoxic.

Adhesives Offer High Adhesion
Bostik Findley
, Middleton, MA; 888/571-8558;
The 400 Series film adhesives are solvent-cast from specialty nylon polyamide resins said to provide superior adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. Suited for applications in which a strong chemical-resistant bond is required. Can be supplied in either thermoset or thermoplastic, flame-retardant forms with single or multiple liners, in widths from 1-60 in. and thicknesses from 1-5 mil.

Tagstock Is Transfer-Printable
Polymeric Converting
, Enfield, CT; 860/623-5677
Polycon DT synthetic tagstock provides the image capabilities of a direct thermal print medium on a durable, waterproof synthetic base. Materials can be printed by thermal transfer and with wax, wax/resin composite, and resin ribbons. Said to offer outstanding layflat and temperature resistance.

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