August 2008 PFFC First Glance

Breakdown Breakthrough

A new biobag for Jordans Organic Cereals, converted by Alcan Packaging, Dublin, Ireland, wins a DuPont Award for Packaging Innovation. This first-of-its-kind flexible package is compostable, biodegradable, and made from renewable raw materials. Consumers can dispose of the package through home or industrial composting. This approach supports Jordan's overall strategy and makes a meaningful contribution to reducing waste disposal and landfill requirements, while reducing the need for incineration.

Pack & Tack

Jannel Packaging, Holbrook, MA, offers a range of custom-manufactured packing list envelopes featuring a choice of adhesives including p-s, removable, and freezer-grade for food packaging. Made from a blended PE that is clear for scanning, envelopes can be printed with up to four colors, including PMS colors for matching company identification. They also can be made from colored films and incorporate back-, end-, or top-loading styles with various closures, including Janstrip Velcro brand closures.

Qué Bueno!

Cerveceria Nacional Dominicana attracted consumers to its Presidente beer brands with a unique label that uses Vacumet's K299 HoloPRISM holographic paper. The paper has a festive rainbow snowflake pattern set on a silver background, which complements the label art nicely. The label printer, Editorial Padilla in the Dominican Republic, used conventional inks on a Chesnut gravure gress.
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