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Coating system provides lustrous results.

The multiple coating technology system produces high-gloss coatings, metallic finishes and related special effects. The system is available on the company's Speedmaster CD models with six or more printing units. It consists of a coating tower, a drying unit, a second coating tower and an extended delivery. A combination of infrared dryers, hot-air knives and ultraviolet-curing systems are placed throughout the system to accommodate the needs of coating materials. The configuration allows in-line application of two coatings in one pass. This provides more lustrous results and allows use of an unlimited combination of ultraviolet and aqueous coatings, varnishes and waterborne metallic finishes. End uses include: application of a waterborne primer over conventional inks, providing a stable base for an ultraviolet coating laid down in-line by the second coating unit; a productive replacement for bronzing machines, whose use has been restricted by environmental concerns; and more efficient production of waterborne blister coatings.

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