First Glance

A Treat for the Earth

The owner of Askinosie Chocolate, Springfield, MO, has a passion for producing premium quality chocolate and a passion for the environment. Shawn Askinosie uses biodegradable NatureFlex from Innovia Films as the inner wrap for his chocolate. Converted by The Revere Group, Seattle, WA, the transparent NatureFlex 120 NVS has high gloss and is semi-permeable to moisture. It also reportedly offers good barrier to gases and aroma, enhanced printability, and controlled slip properties for easier conversion. NatureFlex films are cellulose-based, derived from renewable wood pulp sourced from managed plantations from referenced suppliers operating Good Forestry principals. Says Askinosie, “We chose NatureFlex…because it's a non-genetically modified, wood-based product that is home compostable. … Our use of NatureFlex is just another important example of our concern for the environment.”
Innovia Films |

Feeling of Security

HoloSECURE security paper from Vacumet Corp. uses the latest in holographic technology to provide an increased level of authentication. Said to safeguard products and also denote high quality with custom holographic images. Company reports it can convert customers' imagery into any custom or standard HoloSECURE pattern for overt or covert security applications.
Vacumet Corp. |

Goo, Goo, Green

Seal-It, Farmingdale, NY, a div. of Printpack, has printed two shrink labels for the launch of First Juice, said to be the first organic fruit and vegetable juice beverage for toddlers. An 8-oz recyclable, spill-proof, sippy-top container is decorated with an all-in-one combination shrink label and tamper-evident band. A 32-oz size has a full sleeve shrink label covering the whole bottle. Both labels conform to the shape of the container and are flexo printed in eight colors on heat-shrink PET-G. The background colors use the fruit and vegetable colors contained in the bottle, and the 360-deg image area has room for nutrition facts and more.

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