First Glance

Form Fitting

Form-Tite packaging films from Curwood, Oshkosh, WI, are engineered for optimum performance on high-speed Multivac FormShrink machines. Films, developed in cooperation with Multivac, are said to maximize the equipment's potential to triple productivity and lower costs. Reportedly, films create tight, crystal-clear packages; feature low curl plus high shrink and excellent formability; and offer high-barrier properties and puncture resistance. Available in a printable film option, films are offered with company's patented EZ Peel opening technology.

A Perfect Ten

Alcan Packaging, Chicago, IL, reports ten-color printing capability for vacuum shrink bags, adding graphic appeal to meat products — including ham, whole turkey, and chicken — and cheese products — including natural cheese loaves and wedges. The proprietary printing is said to feature outstanding vibrancy, clarity, and quality and is available on company's ClearShield high-barrier bone-in shrink bags and Maraflex high- and non-barrier shrink bags.

Great Outdoors

The DPM (Durable Product Markings) line from FLEXcon is described as ideal for nameplate/brand ID labels, compliance labels, warning/instructional labels, and control panel labels. The line features a wide range of polyesters and vinyls said to provide durability and esthetics to labels for outdoor power equipment. Labels remain intact for the long term, company says, withstanding moisture, cold, heat, UV exposure, and abrasion. The line includes special adhesives that bond well to varying surfaces and shapes and overlaminating films to give labels extra durability. Films are available in sheet or roll form.

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