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New Materials

Flexi-Free 6985, a high-moisture-barrier lidstock without a foil layer, seals to a variety of plastics. Two-ply, 2.5-mil lamination is made from PVDC-coated PET and a peelable sealant layer. Transparent structure offers marketing opportunities in cosmetics, health and beauty aids, nutraceuticals, and medical devices.
Ampac Flexibles—PFFC-ASAP 310. ampaconline.com

Hi-Z metallized sealant web is designed to replace expensive metallized triplex materials without sacrificing barrier, optics, or performance. Cast modified PP can be laminated to a PET or OPP and reverse-printed for excellent gloss. Suitable for stand-up pouches with or without zippers and VFFS and HFFS applications for dry foods, confections, nut packaging, and fractional-pack coffee.
Constantia Multifilm—PFFC-ASAP 311. constantia-multifilm.com

EcoSet wet-strength label paper, designed for PET water bottles, is said to offer label performance with the sustainable packaging advantages of paper. Local production in Stevens Point, WI, reduces supply chain costs. Features a high-fidelity print surface, good brightness and gloss levels, and label opacity when wet.
Stora Enso Specialty Papers—PFFC-ASAP 312. storaenso.com/specialtypapers

The DPM Brushed Series line of p-s PET films offers a distinctive, brushed-metal look for brand identification and warning/instructional labels. Includes Value, Better, and Supreme products for a range of needs. Backed with either a 50# kraft roll liner or 90# layflat sheet liner. Products adhere to a variety of surfaces including metal, paint, powder-coated paint, and LSE plastics. They are conventionally printable.
FLEXcon Co.—PFFC-ASAP 313. flexcon.com

Camclear transparent, aluminum oxide-coated barrier PET is designed for packaging applications involving fresh food, confectionary, snacks, and dried food. Said to allow clearer laminates without chlorine content when compared with PVdC coating. Offers a non-metallic, clear barrier with a thinner overall structure that utilizes less energy to manufacture than foil. Reportedly, film is not sensitive to changes in humidity yet will maintain barrier independent of thickness.
Vacumet Corp.—PFFC-ASAP 314. vacumet.com

EcoWorks is derived in part (5%–70%) from annually renewable materials and is certified commercially compostable per ASTM D6400. Available in ten formulations ranging from elastic to highly rigid and customized for strength, appearance, and clarity. Appearance ranges from HDPE to BOPP. Shrink forms available.
Cortec Corp.—PFFC-ASAP 315. ecofilm.com

Barrialox 1011EG-C1 transparent, high-barrier, aluminum oxide-coated PET offers performance, strength, versatility, and marketing appeal for food, healthcare, and industrial packaging applications. An alternative to PVdC-coated film and EVOH laminations, film can be used for adhesive or extrusion laminations. Called ideal for pouches, pillows, packets, lidding, and overwrap.
Toray Plastics (America)—PFFC-ASAP 316. torayfilms.com

FlexSure Elastic Film nestles between layers of nonwoven material and is used for products with stretchy materials on the sides, as infant diapers, or around the waist, as adult incontinence products, making them more comfortable and less bulky. Said to offer discretion by eliminating “rustle.”
Pliant Corp.—PFFC-ASAP 317. pliantcorp.com

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