A Smart Move
It’s an insecure world, but National Envelope Corp., Uniondale, NY, is doing its part with Smart Card Guard, a line of products that shield a smart card and its electronic data when mailed or carried in a purse, wallet, or pocket. The product functions by enclosing the card in a thin, protective metallic barrier incorporated into a specially produced, easy-to-print substrate. This prevents personal data in the card’s embedded integrated circuit from being transmitted via radio frequency waves to any smart card reading device.

Hunting for Security
A tamper-inhibiting package for air gun pellets was the goal for Crosman Corp. To that end, the retailer chose BlisterGuard from Colbert Packaging, Lake Forest, IL. Says Bob Hampton, Crosman’s VP of marketing, “It provides far greater security than the previous package, because it has two layers of tamper-resistant paperboard which sandwich the plastic blister. It is less costly than the plastic clamshell alternative.” He says it is made primarily from recyclable paperboard, offering environmental sustainability and waste reduction. The package is made of Everest Safe-Pak foldover blister board from International Paper, a heat-sealable, tear-resistant bleached paperboard laminated with a multilayer, high-strength film from Valéron Strength Films.
International Paper—PFFC-ASAP 301.
Valßron Strength Films—;PFFC-ASAP 302.

Wipe Out Graffiti
3M reports its protective overlaminate graffiti-resistant label material 7248 will help the labels and graphics of converters’ customers stand up to intentional defacement. The material features a proprietary coating said to provide excellent resistance to permanent marker, crayon, spray paint, and ballpoint pen. A tough, anti-glare finish offers solvent and abrasion resistance plus a high level of humidity and UV durability. Company says graffiti comes off with minimal effort𔄤no cleaning agents are required.

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