Michael D. Fisher

  • President of Fisher Container Corp.
  • Personal motto: The glass is not half empty. The glass is not half full. It's just the wrong size glass!
  • Hobbies: Scuba diving, jet skiing

How did you get into the converting business?

My father, Don Fisher, founded FCC in a one-room office with one employee, Marilyn Versten (now executive VP). He asked if I was interested in working for the company. I said I'd give it a try. That was 30 years ago.

Describe your management style.

I'm very enthusiastic, and I try to energize those around me by including them in the developmental process for marketing, growth, and change. I know others have greater strengths than I do in certain aspects, so I go to them often for advice. I encourage my staff to make decisions on their own.

What is the biggest threat to the converting industry right now?

Complacency. We must be innovative and willing to take calculated risks to preserve our position in the marketplace. We must advance our technology and how we make use of it.

What advice would you give someone just starting out?

Sales in the converting industry is extremely rewarding and at the same time can humble you. Be honest, even if the truth is difficult. Your reputation will carry the day. People may not always remember what you did for them, but they will always remember how you made them feel. You must be able to deal with rejection (very important). It's about relationships and how you handle them. Always put quality time aside to spend with family and friends.

What is the best advice you ever got?

My father told me to do nothing that you couldn't go home and tell your children about. At the time I didn't have children, but it was clear what he meant. I have three boys now, and I can tell them about my day every day.

What are you most proud of in your business?

We are a family company with strong family values. It has proven to be one of our greatest assets.

Do you have a personal hero?

I have a brother who's mentally challenged. When he was an infant, a doctor advised my parents that he should be institutionalized. Billy is now 43, a tax payer, and a charitable, kind, caring individual. He is a remarkable human being and a model citizen. My brother, my hero.

At a Glance

Fisher Container Corp.
1111 Busch Pkwy. Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

Founded 1969
75,000 sq ft; 80 employees
Flexible & rigid packaging design, development, converting & printing

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