First Glance


Amcor Flexibles Baricol, Gloucester, UK, announces Baripet FL 45 high-barrier lidding film for smoothwall aluminum foil containers. The film, which is produced by extrusion coating a PET film with a combination of resins (including EVOH), is 45 microns thick and said to be exceptionally clear. Containers using Baripet FL 45 are recyclable and are being used to package meat, fish, ready meals, and vegetables.

On the MAP

A nylon barrier bag is expanding the modified atmospheric packaging (MAP) product mix of Next Generation, Engineered Films Div., Lexington, OH. While the company has been marketing breathable MAP films, this product introduction is its first step into the barrier side of MAP. The nylon/poly bag is used to package a variety of edible food items.

Music & Memories

Sugar Hill: A Retrospective celebrates the record company's more than 25 years in the business. The collector's edition includes four CDs and one DVD, each in individual paperboard disc sleeves, as well as a booklet, all boxed in a package created by NAPCO, Sparta, NC. The rigid paperboard box has a full telescoping design in which the lid slides completely over a specially designed footed tray for a prominent box appearance. The print provides an opulent look and feel with contrasting textures of high-gloss black foil-stamped areas over printed matte cover paper. NAPCO designed an interior platform for disc sleeves and booklet to boost retail shelf presence by increasing box height dimensionally.

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