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This month's “Focus” is on slitting knives. For a look at trends in slitting knives, see p. 178.

Bagmaker Creates Host of Bags
Italwork, Magenta, Italy; +39 029794560
The Scorpion auto bagmaker has been engineered to be a high quality, durable, fast, and compact machine, co. reports. Bagmaker is able to produce a host of bags including double weld; bottom weld; side welded; self-adhesive; kidney carrier; and tie bags.

Software Allows Users to Load Product Recipes
ei3 Corp., Montvale, NJ; 201/802-9080
SiteSetpoint is designed to speed product changeover on automated process lines with digital electronic controls. Instead of using a local computer to enter a list of complex settings that control process machinery components and power drive systems, users can queue and download a list of proven settings all at once. Production control screen is engaged through a secure Internet connection and is designed to manage changes for each product. When a production run for one product is complete, a button on the main control console triggers the download of up to 1,000 settings. The machine's electronic settings are adjusted to next product's recipe, ready to run.

Produce Foam Sheets At High Throughput
Reifenhauser Inc., Ipswich, MA; 978/412-9700
REIcell line for production of open-cell and closed-cell PS foams features Reitruder co-rotating, twin-screw extruder, available with screw diameters of 43-110 mm. When processing PS and PP, line output ranges to 50 kg/hr with the Reitruder RZE 43 and to 500 kg/hr with the RZE 110. Advantages include reduced space requirements, reduced energy consumption, and high flexibility as PS and PP sheet can be produced at equally high throughput rates, mfr. reports.

Knife Assemblies Cut Range of Materials
Azco Corp., Elmwood Pk., NJ; 201/791-1428
Stainless steel guillotine units are designed for cutting flexible materials, including paper, medical disposables, and nonwovens. Can cut widths to 1,600 mm (66 in.). Standard designs can be modified to cut wider, more dense, or thicker materials. Options include hold-down clamps, steeper/sharper blade angles, special blade materials, and sensors.

System Offers Crown Correction, Roller Alignment
Sensor Products, East Hanover, NJ; 973/884-1755
Improved version of Auto-NIS® system, a portable, Windows-based automatic nip profiler, is available, says mfr. System is an optical scanner and software system that reads and interprets Pressurex/Fuji Prescale nip impression films. With improved mathematical algorithms and software routines, system produces more accurate and repeatable results. Proper roller crowning and alignment (parellelism) can be ascertained quickly and easily, co. reports.

Test Electrostatic Nature of Material
ElectroStatics Inc., Harleysville, PA; 888/782-8427
Determinator test rig is said to determine the electrostatic nature of material along with the size and distribution of surface contamination. Also said to determine the efficiency of co.'s products on material before purchasing a web/sheet cleaning system, static control equipment, or electrostatic charging devices. One pass through the test rig and the material becomes virtually static-free, co. reports.

Sharpening Service Offers Quick Turnaround
John Dusenbery Co., Randolph, NJ; 973/366-9703; dusenbery.com
Knife-sharpening service is said to be fast and economical. It provides for the sharpening/resharpening of score slitter knives such as Model 229002 and 229209, male knife 783036, female knife 783003, and core cutter 229062. Turnaround time is about 1 wk or less, according to co.

Color Control Software Has new Features
X-Rite Inc., Grandville, MI; 616/534-7663; xrite.com
Spectrofiler2 software application is said to allow “on-the-fly” characterization of a print process from a miniaturized test image. Designed to provide rapid measurement when integrated with systems such as co.'s Auto-Tracking Spectrophotometers (ATS), which are used to control color on a variety of lithographic presses (from sheet-fed to web). Features include enhanced security; measurement configuration capability; support for aperture sizes; target ID; target management and design; and sheet averaging.

Analyzer Features Wire Marking and Shrinkage Profile
TAPIO Technologies OY, Espoo, Finland; ph: +358-9-2517 2008 3
Shrinkage profile measurement has been added to mfr.'s paper machine analyzer and TS Profiler. Shrinkage measurement is done with extra-high-resolution TPS-sensor. Sensor reportedly can measure paper surface every 17 μm. This resolution is said to be high enough to detect the wire marking and other very small scale variations on the paper surface.

Blades Made for Adhesive Slitting
Dienes Corp., Spencer, MA; 508/885-6301; 800/345-4038; dienesusa.com
Knife blades with proprietary surface coating are designed for slitting adhesive or gummy materials. Surface qualities are said to reduce buildup and extend the time between maintenance cleanings. A variety of blade configurations can fit most applications, mfr. reports.

Ultrasonic Sensor Offers Broad Functionality
Hyde Park Electronics, Dayton, OH; 937/252-2121
Superprox® SM902 ultrasonic sensor series is said to combine high gain with broad functionality to meet specific dual level or dual set point control sensing requirements. Designed to reliably detect levels of liquids, solids, and powders, these 30-mm ultrasonic sensors are configured at the factory from a menu of selections. The selections enable the model sensor series to perform either dual level pump-in or pump-out, on/off latch, dual set point control and dual alarm control functions with a variety of output types, response times, and sensing ranges. Response time selections range from 2.50 sec to as fast as 150-200 msec for either 1- or 2-m sensing ranges respectively, co. reports. All models operate on 12-24 VDC and can be selected with NPN or PNP outputs, being either normally open, normally closed, or complementary.

Noncontact Thermometer Is Compact
TTI Inc., Williston, VT; 802/863-0085; raytek.com
Mini Temp noncontact thermometer is small enough to fit in a pocket and comes in two models: Mini Temp MT2 without laser sighting, or Mini Temp MT4 with laser sighting. Either model has a temperature range from -18 to 260 deg C and a response rate of 500 msec for each measurement reading. The distance to spot is 6:1. Thermometer is said to be perfect for facility maintenance (both preventive and predictive), machinery inspection, equipment audits, electrical troubleshooting, and a range of additional applications.

Measure and Compare UV Output
IST America Corp., Bolingbrook, IL; 630/771-0590
The IST UMI-1 Mobile UV measurement system reportedly permits gauging the output of UV energy on printing presses and converting equipment at any time. System, which is available in several configurations, also can be used to compare the efficiency and output of several UV units, co. reports. Consists of a display and either of two different measuring devices. Said to be applicable to UV curing done on conveyors.

Walk-in Oven has Digital Controller
The Grieve Corp., Round Lake, IL; 847/546-8225
No. 877 is a 500-deg-F electric walk-in oven featuring an aluminized steel interior and exterior; 4-in.-thick insulated walls; heavy-duty doors with high-temperature stainless steel spring insert door gaskets; a brushed stainless steel control panel face; and rear-mounted heat chamber. Also includes a digital programming temperature controller and a manual reset excess temperature controller with separate heating element control contactors.

Bag Machine Designed for Large Volumes
LEMO Maschinenbau GmbH, Niederkassel-Mondorf, Germany; ph: +49 228 4591 0
Intermat 1100.3 BN-DKT/CT multi-lane patch handle bottom seal carrier bag machine features in-line Autopak® robot for automatic carton filling. Allows patch application from both sides outside. Carrier style is designed for large-volume needs of smaller carriers with high loading strength.

Transfer Section Offered
ADI Intl., Matthews, NC; 704/845-1540
Small box transfer section reportedly can retrofit or be installed on co.'s counter/ejectors. Feature allows the counter/ejector to run at normal speeds while maintaining critical control during the transition from the folding rails into the counter/ejector, co. reports.

Software Aids Inventory
Concord Business Systems, Kennesaw, GA; ph: 770/429-0268
The Converting Management System Palm Pilot-based physical count software allows roll-based packaging manufacturers to scan bar codes on every piece of raw material, work in process, and finished goods, by roll or pallet. Said to make inventory numbers more accurate and to save time.

UV Processor Installs Easily
Prime UV, Carol Stream, IL; 630/681-2100; primeuv.com
Optimum in-line UV processor is said to install easily on coating lines from 10-110 in. Space requirement in the web direction reportedly is only 3 ft for webs running at 1,500 fpm. UV-laminating adhesive is applied directly to the substrate and immediately nipped to the laminating film, co. reports. UV adhesive is then cured instantly as the laminated substrate passes through the UV processor. This system is said to allow the converter to complete finishing in-line or to run roll to roll.

Gearless Flexo Press Adds Features
Windmoeller & Hoelscher, Lincoln, RI; 401/333-2770; whcorp.com
Novoflex gearless flexo press offers a deck design said to eliminate ink contamination of sensitive components and features hybrid plate sleeve mandrels for all sleeve types including solid aluminum. Also features integrated sleeve handling system; automatic centralized lubrication of all critical points; integrated access cat walks; touchscreen operator interface; third generation Turboclean® automatic washup; and automatic plate and anilox sleeve ejection system.

Rewinder Suitable for Narrow Web Applications
Greystone Mfg., Norwich, NY; 607/336-3700
High-speed rewinder reportedly can be used in any narrow web application. Freestanding unit provides a cost-effective way of salvaging, reconditioning, and inspecting defective material without tying up more expensive equipment, co. reports. With speeds to 2,000 fpm, rewinder can keep up with all demands of a high-production environment.

Knife Stays Sharp Longer
Kanefusa USA, Erlanger, KY; 859/283-1450; 877/283-1450
The Cera-Steel knife can be resharpened economically and is resistant to nicking, unlike tungsten carbide knives that, according to mfr., require expensive diamond wheel resharpening and are very brittle. Said to last up to 3x longer than high-speed steel paper knives and three-knife trimmers. Co. adds that product does not involve a coating or surface treatment, and this is a totally new material for knives.

Drying System Is Energy Efficient
Marsden Inc., Pennsauken, NJ; 856/663-2227
AIR by Marsden combination drying system uses both IR and air to optimize system efficiency by utilizing the hot exhaust from the IR component to power the system's hot air component, co. reports. Dryer is said to save energy while retaining the 5-sec heatup, 1-sec cooldown, instantaneous temperature modulation, and clean “No NOx/No CO” emissions. Minimum MD space required with provision for accurate CD moisture profile correction with CD zones as narrow as 1 in. (25 mm).

Bagmaker Features Gearless Technology
Curioni Sun, Galgagnano, Italy; +39 0371 402
Sun Master 350 bagmaker is designed to produce square-bottom paper bags with twisted paper cord handles. Features a handlemaking unit in-line with the bagmaking unit. Brushless motors, controlled and synchronized by a PLC, replace gears and mechanical transmissions. Touchscreen digital display allows the choice of sizes and monitors production data and parameters of the machine functions.

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