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Coex System for Two-Layers
Diamond America Corp., Tallmadge, OH; 888/349-9385; diamondamericacorp.com
Sheet coextrusion system for two-layer applications includes two custom-designed extruders: 2 in. with 30:1 L/D and 1.5 in. with 24:1 L/D. Both utilize company’s screws, barrels, and components. Flex-Lip Sheet die has an adjustable die range from 1–0.125 in. Lip adjustment is manual, and the die is equipped with a restrictor bar. Coextrusion block has an A-B configuration.

Contract Proofing Solution
Agfa Graphics Systems, Ridgefield Pk., NJ; 800/try-agfa; agfa.com
The Grand Sherpa m Series of seven-color, piezo-electric inkjet proofers uses new dye-based inks and features advanced in-RIP color management, quality control software, and specially formulated proofing media to deliver what is said to be a complete contract proofing solution. Available in 50- and 64-in. widths.

Cut Waste with Color Proofer
Paul N. Gardner Co., Pompano Beach, FL; 954/946-9454;
Color proofer system reportedly allows printer to get color right the first time without the variable of manual drawdowns. Automated air-driven unit allows user to achieve less than one on the delta “E” scale measured with a spectrophotometer. Said to reduce downtime, ink waste, and paper waste.

Adhesive Suited to Freezers
Spinnaker Coating, Troy, OH; 800/543-9452;
Frostbite freezer-grade hot melt adhesive features what is said to be excellent initial tack and ultimate adhesion to flexible packaging and varnished paperboard packaging when applied at freezer conditions. Company says adhesive will adhere to a variety of surfaces despite specific amounts of frost and/or moisture (though testing is recommended).

Inkjet Proofing Gets SWOP OK
Kodak Graphic Communications Group, Rochester, NY; 585/724-4000;
Matchprint Inkjet Desktop 400 and 800 Proofing Solutions now are SWOP certified, company reports, assuring content creaters, print providers, and others of the ability to predict final color in the web offset environment reliably. Solutions are said to offer high color accuracy, enhanced image smoothness, quick calibration tools, and direct connectivity to company’s Prinergy and Brisque System workflows.

Proofer Keeps Itself Consistent
DuPont Imaging Technologies, Wilmington, DE; 302/999-2250;
The Cromalin b-series drop-on-demand inkjet proofer can keep itself calibrated automatically with a spectrodensitometer that feeds data to the CromaNet proof server. As proof is printed, calibration module verifies the printer is operating at a consistent and known level of performance so ink and media profiles used to created proof will remain accurate. Color chart contains 328 color patches, including extras for accurate grey balance.

Remove Web Wrinkles
Webex, Neenah, WI; 920/729-6666;
The Expander Roll uses stretchable elastic cords on the roll face to remove web wrinkles. As the roll turns with the traveling web, specially engineered cams stretch the surface cords in contact with the web. Stretching action gently pulls from the center of the web to the outer edges, removing unwanted wrinkles. Lightweight, durable roll is recommended for use in processes such as laminating, embossing, winding, slitting, coating, and more. Available with a drive pulley for low-tension applications.

Add Automation Functionality
Enfocus Software, San Mateo, CA; 650/358-1210;
PitStop Automate proofing product permits, in addition to PDF preflight and editing, file sorting and conditional workflows based on file type, size, and other file or document properties. Enables splitting multiple-page PDFs into many single-page PDFs, and allows electronic file delivery through FTP and e-mail. Printers can go beyond verification of incoming files to design complete workflows using an intuitive graphic user interface.

Stock is Durable and Printable
Appleton, Appleton, WI; 920/734-9841;
The Tru-Tech line of durables includes ten grades, each featuring a paper/film/paper construction and a printing quality similar to paper, reports company. Said to deliver superior durability and printability, substrates can handle multiple color printing, embossing, foil stamping, varnish, UV coating, die-cutting, and perforating with no special inks, adhesives, or equipment.

Proof with More Colors
Enovation Graphic Systems, a Fujifilm co., Valhalla, NY; 866/617-8473;
The FinalProof GxT system offers an extended color gamut and allows users to transfer most Pantone colors, opaque whites, and metallics to virtually any substrate, company reports. An eight-color library of donor material includes green, orange, red, and reflex blue in addition to C, M, Y, and K. Custom libraries can be created using dot percentages of any donor color.

Laminator is Versatile
Nordmeccanica NA, Edgewood, NY; 631/242-98988;
The Multi Layer offers up to five-ply lamination in one pass using a variety of coating/laminating technologies, including wet and dry lamination, solvent, solventless, and thermoplastic adhesives. Said to be very versatile and compact.

Calibrate Digital Halftones
GretagMacBeth, New Windsor, NY; 845/ 565-7660;
The Eye-One Pro spectrophotometer now is supported fully by Proof Director Pro version 3.x to calibrate and linearize the Fujifilm FinalProof GxT digital halftone proofer. Said to provide consistent and accurate measurement data. One device allows for the measurement of emissive and reflective objects, spot colors, and flash/ambient light.

Aqueous Coatings are Tough
ADM Tronics Unlimited, Northvale, NJ; 201/767-6040;
Aqualene 2300 water-based paper coatings are designed primarily for packaging and food applications. Available in both satin and high-gloss versions, coatings are said to provide excellent resistance to grease, water, and abrasion. Company says coatings are price-competitive and will not soften in highly humid environments.

Produce High-End Proofs
GMG, Tuebingen, Germany; +49 (0) 7071 938 74-48;
ProofPaper semi-matte 250 is a 250-g/m2 paper with a semi-matte finish said to permit printing of sharper inkjet droplets. Reportedly ensures ink is absorbed optimally in paper. Recommended for high-end contact proofs, paper is compatible with a wide range of printers.

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