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Densitometer Drives Quality
Beta Industries, Carlstadt, NJ; 800/272-7336;
The S4 Xpress densitometer is said to combine ease of use with a complete set of features for measuring density, dot gain, gray balance, and trapping sequence, all automatically and and all without touching any buttons. Printing tolerance “traffic lights” flash green for good (in tolerance) or red for stop (out of tolerance). Advanced LED technology for 500,000+ measurements uses common AA batteries, eliminating external chargers and cables.

Measure Speed and Length
Arrowhive Equipment, Oxon, UK; +44 1491 682044;
The Proton InteliSENS SL noncontact speed and length gauge uses a Class 2 laser diode source and a proprietary geometric optical design to generate a laser “Doppler” pattern on the surface of the measured web. The reflected signal then is collected by receiving optics and processed using the InteliSENS correlation DSP technology. Said to offer an accuracy of 0.05%, has no moving parts, and needs no calibration.

Measure Color for QA
GretagMacbeth, New Windsor, NY; 845/565-7660;
The vipPAQ in-line densitometer color measuring system is designed for production control and quality assurance in flexo and gravure printing. Said to reduce set-up time and enable press operators to recognize errors earlier in printing process. System is modular, employing a minimum of one to a maximum of four measuring heads connected to a controller unit.

Measure Nips to 70 In.
Sensor Products, East Hanover, NJ; 973/884-1755;
The IDEA real-time nip analysis system is designed for nips to 70 in. long. Calculates nip width between rolls with what is said to be unprecedented speed, accuracy, and consistency. This electronic analysis system is suited for printers, laminators, and coaters that have soft covers and operate at pressure ranges from approximately 10–700 psi. Eliminates human visual subjectivity and allows standardization across divisions and facilities for monitoring and calibrating equipment.

Measure Paper Roughness
Testing Machines, Ronkonkoma, NY; 631/439-5400;
The Parker Print Surf microprocessor-controlled instrument performs high-speed, precision measurements of paper surface roughness under conditions that simulate those encountered during the printing process. Offers extended ranges of clamp pressure and measurement capability plus a dual-head option for increased testing efficiency. Comes complete with an integral PC and large, clear LCD display, along with built-in diagnostic and calibration routines.

Test Moisture with Three Scales
Kernco Instruments Co., El Paso, TX; 915/852-3375;
Model P-2000 digital paper moisture tester is designed with three scales for testing various paper stock, cores and corrugated, and baled scrap paper. A 0–100 arbitrary scale obtains relative moisture indications on other materials. This electrical resistance-type moisture meter utilizes the relationship between moisture content and electrical resistance. Contact pins mounted on top of the meter are used for making direct contact with material. Other electrodes are available for other types of testing.

Colorimeter Gets New Software
X-Rite, Grandville, MI; 616/257-2450;
The DTP94 colorimeter now is available with EIZO’s ColorNavigator Version 4 calibration software. Designed for creating high quality ICC profiles and color proofs, system features four-channel color filter technology said to deliver a wide, dynamic range of color data precision for LCD displays.

Create Hot Tack Index
Mocon, Minneapolis, MN; 763/493-7206;
The HT1-XS hot tack tester from RDM Test Equipment Co. measures the strength of the heat seal in vertical f/f/s applications. This creates a hot tack index that is the optimum heat-seal strength over a range of temperatures. Tester allows the user to change the temperature and record results from multiple readings on the same graph. Company says tester enables results that are repeatable and free from operator error, saves labor and costs, and is light and compact.

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