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Cut Many Materials
Benz Materials Testing Instruments
, Providence, RI, USA; 401/331-5650;
Models CP750 and CP1500 Clicker presses cut paper, corrugated, plastics, and more. Presses, described as laboratory quality, are said to be clean, totally pneumatic, and energy-efficient.

Check Static Eliminator Bars
TAKK Industries
, Cincinnati, OH; 800/792-8255;
The Model 720 static bar checker is said to offer a quick, accurate method of making sure company's static eliminator bars are working properly. Checker measures the electrical charge induced onto the sensor by the emitter pins of the static eliminator and identifies bar performance deterioration that may be caused by transformer defects, shorts in the system, need to clean the bar, etc.

New Service Maintenance Tool
Fischer & Krecke
, Fairfield, NJ, USA; 973/882-9460;
Flexpress View service/maintenance system is an Internet-based tool said to work with high transmission speed and adhere to the highest security standards. Allows construction of an Intranet around press in which data can be exchanged and operations executed from remote locations.

Manage Press Setup, Control
Advanced Vision Technology
, Atlanta, GA, USA; 770/541-9781;
The Prestige automatic press control package, which is an option for company's PrintVision/Jupiter platforms, comprises three modules: the pRegister module for automatic register pre-setting and control; the new Presco module for automatic plate pressure pre-setting and control; and the I3Eal module for 3E-based color presetting guidance and run-time color management.

Thermal Finishing System
GBC Films Group Europe
, Kerkrade, The Netherlands; +31 45-5357676;
Company enters the world of flex-pack with the Bilitene, a patented process to produce bags and envelopes that is used in conjunction with sheet offset printing using thermal lamination as a finishing process. Bag comprises three layers: one printed sheet and two rolls of company's film. Process is said to combine quality and durability.

Taggant Allows Two Modes
, Burnaby, BC, Canada; 604/451-2770;
Company offers taggant designated Traceless. By mixing power taggant in a material, both security modes are enabled: simple pass/fail authentication for basic security, or add reading of the unique pattern of the taggant particles to enable tracking of individual items. Said to be easy, practical, and affordable to implement.

Test Viscosity Quickly
Kernco Instruments Co.
, El Paso, TX, USA; 915/852-3375;
Models 345055 and 345060 digital LCD viscosity testers are said to be accurate to 5% of reading and to provide fast, accurate determination of fluid viscosity. Can be used as hand-held units or with optional lab stand with base.

Get Consistent Glue Patterns
Valco Cincinnati
, Cincinnati, OH, USA; 513/874-6550;
The VC350AG control has two independent channels that operate in “auto-glue” mode. This feature adjusts glue pattern length (tag-side) automatically for each box, regardless of size. Pattern entry also can be configured manually with a rocker switch on the front panel. Offers features said to ensure consistent glue patterns at all speeds.

Cut Labels with Precision
Körber PaperLink North America
, Windsor, CT, USA; 860/687-9911;
The LabelCut 102 precision cutting machine features a direct-drive system and runs paper and films for wet glue labels and cigarette soft packs. Speeds are 200 mpm and 2,000 cuts/min.

Nip Analysis Systems Is Dynamic
Sensor Products
, East Hanover, NJ, USA; 973/884-1755;
F-Nip (Flying Dynamic Electronic Nip Analysis System) aids in diagnosing roll crown correction and alignment solutions. Dynamic nip tools are said to be especially beneficial for rolls with interlock systems or when cover material takes a set from static impressions. Features real-time electronic analysis capability.

Laser Engraver Is Fast
Stork Prints
, Boxmeer, The Netherlands; +31 (0) 485 588485;
The Agrios 413X direct laser engraver for flexo plate and sleeve processing features patented triple-beam laser technology. It burns away unwanted material, bypassing steps such as exposing, washing, and drying. Said to engrave perfectly clean-cut dots at up to 18 m/sec.

Nine Channels Measure Colors
, Brixen/Bressanone, Italy; +39 0472 835 122;
The Midiflash in-line color densitometer for web presses integrates a light source, color filter, polarization filter, and sensor in a single, compact measuring head. Said to be easy to install on any press. Measuring system has nine color channels, enabling several spot colors or hifi color scales to be monitored live during production, in addition to the standard scale colors.

Fold Nonwovens Accurately
Elsner Engineering Works
, Hanover, PA, USA; 717/637-5991;
The ZFV Series of high-speed automatic folding machines for nonwoven products has been redesigned to provide greater accuracy in operation and more versatility in fold styles. Servo controls now are used for cut length, cut-off knife, stack separating, and elevators that lower stack. Fold styles include Z, C, and specialty folds.

Die-Cutting Press Is Versatile
Capitol Converting Equipment
, Park Ridge, IL, USA; 847/825-7891;
The YT-104ONCS automatic high-speed platen die-cutting press has a maximum sheet size of 29 × 41 in. and can handle paper, solid board, and corrugated up to and including B-flute at production speeds of 7,100 iph.

Check Color for Less Money
, New Windsor, NY, USA; 845/565-7660;
The SpectraLight Jr. costs about half the price of a full-size SpectraLight and is said to offer the same precision daylight simulation. Offers multiple light sources to check for metamerism and color uniformity. Meets or exceeds all national, international, and industry-specific standards for visual evaluation.

Secondary Slitter Now Primary
Galileo Vacuum Systems
, Alpharetta, GA, USA; 678/513-0303;
Company reports it has extended the capabilities of the Masterslit, originally designed as a heavy-duty secondary slitter for metallized films, to those of a primary slitter. Model is capable of handling rolls to 10,000 lb at a speed of more than 3,300 fpm, and slitter arms supporting rewound rolls are suspended from a central frame.

Uniform IR Heating
C.A. Litzler Co.
, Cleveland, OH, USA; 216/267-8020;
IR heaters reportedly heat all colors uniformly and are efficient and effective. Self-cleaning, maintenance-free heaters are available in six series.

Spindle Winder Is Modular
Progressive Ruesch Machine Co.
, Ringwood, NJ, USA; 973/962-7700;
Model MS104 multi-spindle winder is designed to run independently but can be series-coupled with other modules to control the entire take-up line, according to the manufacturer. Said to feature a simple, operator-control cluster for quick setup and adjustment. Each module contains only 20 moving parts and has a narrow footprint to conserve floor space. Can handle a package of 18-in. dia and 12-in. width at up to 80 lb. Adaptable to either spool or coil winding of flat materials.

Plate Processor Can Be Customized
Anderson & Vreeland
, Bryan, OH, USA; 866/282-7697;
Orbital X stack-style processor of water-water photopolymer plates (polyester or metal-backed plates) allows flexographers to customize the unit for their specific needs. All-in-one system features an orbital washout, exposure section, three-drawer dryer, and post expose or detack section. Processes plates up to 24 × 30 in.

Instant PDF Introduced
Enfocus Software
, San Mateo, CA, USA; 650/358-1210;
Instant PDF 3.0 is described as a major upgrade to company's PDF preflight application that brings document creators and document receivers together. This stand-alone application is closely integrated with page layout and PDF tools Adobe InDesign, QuarkXpress, and Adobe Acrobat, as well as the Apple Macintosh OSX operating system.

Ink Jet System Programs Easily
, Ann Arbor, MI, USA; 734/622-6218;
The 2300 ink jet system is an ultra-high-resolution coding and marking system. Prints bar codes, sequential numbers, sell-by dates, text messages, and logos. Offers networking capability and is said to be easy to program.

Proofer Is Versatile
RK Print Coat Instruments
, Herts, UK; +44 (0) 1763-852187;
The Paste Ink Proofer (PIP) is said to provide quick, repeatable, and accurate proofs from litho, web offset, and letterpress inks, as well as from varnishes. Also can be used for computer color matching, the preparation of customer samples, and/or the evaluation of color, gloss, opacity, penetration, drying, setoff, and rub or abrasion resistance.

Systems Assist Printing
, Weil am Rhein, Germany; +49 (0) 76 21/79 05-0;
The ESA electrostatic printing assist systems for gravure printing are said to provide maximum printing quality. The GNH61 guarantees optimum color transfer to the substrate; and the GNN75 core-charging system works without impression roller bars, eliminating the need for electrode cleaning.

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