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MDO Technology Delivers Performance
Avery Dennison, Painesville, OH; 800/944-8511; na.fasson.com
Company says coextruded films produced by patented machine-direction orientation process reduce set-up times across many substrate surfaces and are ideal for labeling seams, compound curves, imperfect glass surfaces, and full-squeeze containers. Available in white, clear, and matte clear varieties.

Mohawk Enhances 50/10 Product line
Mohawk Paper Mills
, Cohoes, NY; 800/THE-MILL; mohawkpaper.com
Company reports 50/10 ultra provides two shades, including a new 96-bright Blue White, reportedly intensifying color clarity and contrast, especially in print work featuring four-color process photography. Benefits are said to include smoother surface side-to-side, improved stiffness, and opacity.

Differential PP Offers Benefits
Dow Chemical Co.
, Houston, TX; 800/441-4369; dow.com
INSPIRE Performance Polymers, a family of differentiated, propylene-based products, reportedly beefit flexible packaging producers. Some grades deliver high melt strengths, company says, while others offer high stiffness, toughness, and clarity.

PC Is Durable
Sheffield Plastics
, Bayer Films America, Sheffield, MA; 817/235-1689; sheffieldplastics.com
Makrofol EPC (extended performance composite) PC features a velvet first surface and a matte second surface said to offer excellent durability plus resistance to abrasion and chemicals. Available in thicknesses of 0.015-0.030 in. Offering total light transmission of 70% and moisture absorption of 0.5% under ASTM testing standards, films are thermoformable and easily embossed or die-cut, company adds. Said to be ideal for use in automotive exteriors, petroleum decals, overlaminates, outdoor signage, and other applications.

PSA Has Low Odor
Rad-Cure Corp.
, Fairfield, NJ; 973/808-1002
Offering comparable performance to high performance solvent-borne adhesives, X5011431 is a low odor, UV light-curable PSA with a good balance of adhesion, tack, and cohesion, according to the manufacturer. Product's rheology is suitable for roll coating and flexo or screen printing.

Photo Quality with P-S Paper
Spinnaker Coating
, Troy, OH; 937/332-6522; spinnakercoating.com
Company reports imIJ (pronounced image) brand matte ink jet p-s paper is a photo-quality paper with a bright, blue-white shade, 94% brightness, and 94% opacity. Said to offer outstanding contrast for images that “pop” and limited show-through of substrates. Company adds paper displays minimal dot gain and excellent ink holdout; is quick-drying; and offers good water fastness and layflat characteristics.

Color Shifting Inks Offer Unique Optical Effets
SICPA North America
, Brooklyn Pk., MN; 800/267-0670; sicpa.com
Available in three shades, SICPAStream Color Shifting Inks offer a unique color shift spectrum when printed over a black background, company says. Available for almost any print process, including flexo, gravure, and screen applications.

PP Film Designed for Durable Pouches
American Profol
, Cedar Rapids, IA; 319/731-3316; profol.com
ProTort-1 low-gloss, retort-grade cast PP film is engineered for use as the sealant layer in retortable food pouches. Company says the film has excellent layflat characteristics for easy lamination and good seal strength for producing durable pouches.

Silver Foils Added to Line
Metal Foils
, Willoughby, OH; 800/876-2323; metalfoils.com
Silver foil features high conductivity, high purity (99.97% Ag-99.99% Ag), a clean and plain surface, and good corrosion resistance, company says. Benefits are said to include flatness and specially cleaned surface for excellent bonding. Available in a range of thicknesses (0.0004-0.006 in.) with widths from 0.040-13.80 in.

Hybrid Adhesive Adds Speed
National Adhesives
, Bridgewater, NJ; 800/797-4992; nationalstarch.com
AEROBOND 12-200A hybrid adhesive provides board laminators with an adhesive formula said to maximize speed and adhesion while maintaining good open time and easy clean-up properties. Company adds the adhesive significantly reduces “score crack.”

Water-Based Primer Bonds PE to Foil
ADM Tronics
, Northvale, NJ; 201/767-6040; admtronics.com
Polaqua 138 water-based primer bonds PE to aluminum foil either by lamination or extrusion. Company says primer uses only light application weights and bonds readily at standard extrusion temperatures. Said to achieve excellent bond strengths off the machine with full product resistance developed over time.

Repulpable Tape Ideal for Splicing Applications
Adhesives Research
, Glen Rock, PA; 800/445-6240; adhesivesresearch.com
ARclad 9519 is a red, single-faced, repulpable tape for splicing coated and uncoated papers; fine, lightweight, bond, and specialty papers; and paperboard. Said to be ideal for butt splicing, core starting, safety splicing, and tabbing applications. Operations that can benefit include rereelers, winders, slitters, and rewinders. Available in standard widths from ½-4 in.

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