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AlOx Offers High Barrier
Mitsui Plastics
, White Plains, NY, USA; 914/287-6815, mitsuiplastics.com
Barrialox is a transparent aluminum oxide coated barrier PET film said to offer a higher barrier than PVDC. Available in several grades, film can include corona treatment, abrasion-resistant coatings, and anti-static properties. Retort and microwavable grades are available. Applications include snacks, retort, lidstock, instant noodles, soup, medical, processed meats, and toiletries.

Water-Based Polymers Offered
Johnson Polymer
, Sturtevant, WI, USA; johnsonpolymer.com
Joncryl LMV 7000 Series offers low-maintenance, water-based polymers for printing inks. Benefits are said to include cost savings, improved pressroom efficiency, and less print waste. Inks reportedly print longer between adjustments.

Folding Carton Board Is Versatile
, Stamford, CT, USA; 203/461-7400; meadwestvaco.com
Kraftpak unbleached, uncoated folding carton board offers a clean, natural look, company says. Supports demanding print production techniques used to differentiate luxury brands at retail, such as embossing, foil stamping, die-cutting, scoring, and perforating. Can be laminated or overwrapped with film or printed sheets.

Eliminate Foam
Air Products and Chemicals
, Allentown, PA, USA; 800/345-3148; airproducts.com
Product is based on company's Gemini surfactant technology. Benefits are said to include macro and micro foam control, defoamer longevity, wetting defect reduction, wide compounding latitude, and ease of handling.

Water-Based Inks Offer Less Odor
Environmental Inks & Coatings
, Morganton, NC, USA; 828/433-1922; envinks.com
Product offers even better press stability at lower pH levels than the company's original Poly Screen line. Inks reportedly are more maintenance free, with lower odor and less amine interaction with high performance adhesives and UV overprints. Inks print cleanly on 900-1200-line aniloxes and are said to be the best choice for converters that need an ink to print well on both paper and film. Proprietary formula databases are available to match most Pantone colors using the Easy Ink Controller manual blending system or most fully automated dispensers. Available in surface print and lamination versions.

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