Clean Room Consumables Show Gains

CLEVELAND, OH — Demand for consumable products used in clean room environments is expected to increase 5.9%/yr to $1.6 billion in 2007, according to a report by The Freedonia Group.

Gains will result from improved economic growth in the economy as a whole, as well as from the recovery of the semiconductor industry and the continuing expansion of clean room technologies into non-electronics market.

Clean Room Consumables Demand
Million dollars
% Annual Growth
1997 2002 2007 02/97 07/02
Clean Room Consumables Demand 1,201 1,173 1,560 -0.5 5.9
Apparel 456 405 535 -2.3 5.7
Chemicals 354 313 420 -2.4 6.1
Filters 110 133 180 3.9 6.2
Other 281 322 425 2.8 5.7
Source: © 2003 by The Freedonia Group Inc.

The best opportunities for growth, says the report, will occur in other electronics applications, including hard disk drives and flat panel displays, and non-electronics markets such as pharmaceuticals, foods/beverages, and medical devices.

Apparel, such as gowns, caps, gloves, etc., are the largest value group of consumables used in clean rooms. Together with chemicals, which are also significant, these two product groups accounted for more than 60% of total demand in 2002.

Cleaning products such as wipes and swabs, sensors, and filters all are expected to continue to record above-average rates of growth.

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