Foil Packs Offer Multiple Solutions

DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY — The European Aluminum Foil Assn. handed out Alufoil Trophies for four Foil Packs of the Year. Winning top honors were the following:

Aspirin Effect — This is a soluble instant aspirin in an individual dose “stick pack” offering a single 500-mg dose. The package, which is easy to tear open and safe for mouth contact, was deemed outstanding in all criteria, including innovation, protection, user benefits, surface design, and use of resources. Entered by Alcan Packaging Singen. (1)

Dalehead Sausages — The first UK “cook-in-the-tray” high-barrier, aluminum foil pouch for sausages allows the consumer simply to remove the sealed plastic wrap and put the pack directly in the oven or under the grill. There is no need to touch the raw product before cooking. Heat-proof package also can be used over a barbecue, with the juices retained by the tray. A ribbed and slotted trivet beneath the sausages allows fat and juices to separate cleanly, without spattering. Both tray and trivet are pure aluminum and can be recycled back to metal for other uses. Entered by Nicholl Food Packaging. (2)

Migros Golden Beans Coffee “Pods” — This reclosable, high-barrier, aluminum pouch was judged “an outstanding combination of product protection, user convenience, and graphic presentation.” A laser-etched score line ensures the tear-open top of the pouch separates cleanly and easily, and a built-in “zipper” allows repeated reclosure to retain the aroma and freshness of the coffee pods, which are for use in espresso machines. Judges also like the graphic presentation. Entered by Wipf AG. (3)

Saupiquet Canned Fish Products — An easy-open fish can features an aluminum foil lidding system called ISY PIL, which is said to solve the problem of opening rectangular fish cans. A tabbed lid provides both full protection for the autoclave sterilized product and easy peelability for opening. Entered by Crown Food Europe. (4)

Judged “highly commended” was the Kiffies perfume range in a flexible foil pouch, cited by judges for its imaginative use of an existing pack format in a long-established and traditional product sector. This is made possible by the aluminum foil component that provides complete barrier properties along with flexibility. Entered by CavaParfums. (5)

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