Standing the Test of Time with Paper, Film & Foil CONVERTER

In the beginning, there were precious few magazines to rival the editorial coverage of a fledgling The Envelope Industry. The date was March 1927, and with a scope limited to envelope making when paper was king, the magazine later grew and transformed into what we know today as PFFC or Paper, Film & Foil CONVERTER. Throughout its numerous name changes and well into the 1980s, PFFC was the “bible” of the industry with little competition to parallel its news intelligence.

Still the leading trade publication covering the converting industry, this year PFFC celebrates its diamond anniversary. The staff shares this special issue with our readers through the articles and advertisements that appeared within our pages over the past 75 years, and from these we created a time line covering the history of what became known as the “converting industry,” along with world events that shaped it.

This issue was assembled over the course of many months of detailed planning and much data collection. Regrettably, much of the data lay on the cutting room floor. What appears, however, is the most notable of news items along with tidbits that captured our curiosity as we researched each and every issue, page by page. Certainly, there is a wealth of information missing from the time line. For this, we apologize, having no malicious intentions, simply limited space.

While the process of gleaning data from thousands of pages was certainly exhausting, frequently it was remarkably revealing and rewarding. Though not standing in so distant retrospect, we were amazed by how much the world has changed in terms of gender references, particularly in the manner in which advertisements were composed.

We were awed by the samples of exquisite envelope liners that supplemented most of the early editions of the magazine. These samples appear throughout the time line, alas, only as decorative reproductions, but we hope you, too, can imagine and appreciate their true beauty.

And, without a doubt, all the PFFC editors want to be present in 2007 for the unearthing in Tulsa, OK, of a 1957 Plymouth wrapped in flexible protective packaging, buried almost 50 years ago.

With a world at peace in 1927 and the paper envelope in its heyday, The Envelope Industry attempted to establish order in the dissemination of information in a quickly evolving industry. It intended to bring about “an exchange of thought upon common ground” so each would benefit by the knowledge gained and dispersed by others. The mission set by then publisher/editor Harry Schwarzschild is no less served today with this, our anniversary gift to you.

Standing the test of time is no easy feat in difficult economic times. But having weathered 75 years along with some of our readers and advertisers who have far older histories than our own and have seen far more turbulent times than these, we are honored to be a part of your busy working habit each month. Having served your professional needs over all these years, we hope this issue is one more you will save and reference for many years to come.

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