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Drawdown Machine Is Automatic
Industry Tech, Oldsmar, FL; 813/855-5054; http://www.industrytech.net

The Auto-Draw III is said to offer laboratory users the lowest-cost fully automatic drawdown machine in the industry. Reportedly will produce consistent, repeatable coated samples to 8½ × 13 in., using either wire-wound metering rods or blade-type film applicators.

Anti-Static Brush Very Conductive
Electro Static Technology, Mechanic Falls, ME; 207/998-5140; http://www.est-static.com

The FLX-P flexible peel and stick anti-static brush is said to offer an excellent compromise between low mechanical memory and rigidity. Co. reports benefits include very high conductivity for exceptional static control; low shipping weight; smooth, soft edges for safety; and corrosion resistance.

Produce Large Envelopes and Open Ends
W+D Machinery Co. Inc., Overland Pk., KS; 913/492-9880; http://www.wdmachinery.com

The Nova is a servo-driven, straight-web machine for the production of large envelopes and open ends. This machine was introduced to the industry running at 650 envelopes/min, using preprinted rolls from co.'s new Maxiflex Offline press in order to emphasize the potentional of in-register cut-off controls.

Kit Modernizes Envelope Machines
Curtius Trading Inc., Atlanta, GA; 404/352-1000; http://www.curtius.com

Productivity Manager Kit (CPMK) provides a cost-effective way to modernize older envelope-making equipment, says mfr. Kit can be installed separately or as a complete system on different machines. Said to be easy to use and to feature simple set-up system. Kit components enable operators to specify speeds, quantities, and drying times quickly. Features IRT drying system that reportedly reduces drying time and is energy efficient.

Expand Digital Camera Back Solutions
Creo Inc., Burnaby, B.C. Canada; 604/451-2700; http://www.creo.com

Leaf oXYgen is said to offer an enhanced color workflow for Leaf digital camera back solutions. Reportedly, application provides professional image editing and soft proofing tools to ensure images captured with Leaf digital camera backs are printed with high quality. Incorporates technologies of the oXYgen scanning application used with co.'s flatbed scanners.

Increase Sheeter Speed by 200 FPM
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co., Westerly, RI; 401/596-0162; http://www.maxsonautomatic.com

The Airfoil Overlap System features a patented design that uses the principles of fluid mechanics to achieve safe, reliable, jam-free performance at the point of overlap on high-speed sheeting applications, says mfr. Can increase speeds at that point by 200 fpm (60 mpm). When outfitted with a volume booster valve, system requires no operator adjustment regardless of line speed or sheet-length changes. Compact design reportedly permits easy retrofit.

Envelope Maker Is Flexible
F. L. Smithe Machine Co., Duncansville, PA; 814/695-5521; http://www.flsmithe.com

Champion Model SR incorporates servo-control technology, rugged mechanical design, and precision components into an operating system that's flexible and highly productive, says mfr. Blank-fed, web-fed, and combo envelope versions are possible.

Die Is Small, Output Is High
Brampton Engineering Inc., Brampton, Ont., Canada; 905/793-3000; http://www.be-ca.com

Small, high-output cylindrical die package can produce at the rate of 28 lb/in. of die circumference (1.6 kg/mm die dia). Said to be well suited for producers of small bore tubing such as trash can liners or heavy-duty shipping sacks. Die package is available from 6-10 in. (150-250 mm). Features co.'s Eliminator Air Ring and new 4+1 IBC.

Monitor Lengths On-Line
TecScan Electronics Ltd., Blackwood, U.K.; +44 (0) 1443 821552; http://www.tecscan.demon.co.uk

Web Ranger length monitoring can be used to analyze nip, rewind, and tension drive performance. On-line print length monitoring assists in the smoother running of both delicate and traditional substrates, co. adds. PC-based system displays in real time print length measurements of every repeat length as a double histogram. Said to provide a high level of functionality, enabling converter to adjust press to maintain consistent repeatable print length with effective tension control.

Quickly Convert to Hot Stamp Station
American Die Technology, Atlanta, GA; 770/623-6111; 800/554-4015; http://www.mdie.com

Rotary hot stamp unit is described as versatile and user-friendly. Cassette-style system allows operator to convert any die-cutting station into a hot stamping station and then convert back in minutes, co. says.

High Quality Proofs for Many Uses
RK Print-Coat Instruments Ltd., Herts, U.K.; +44 (0) 1763) 852187; http://www.rkprint.com

The K Printing Proofer is said to produce high quality proofs using gravure, gravure-offset, or flexo inks. Precision-engineered to tight tolerances, it reportedly is ideal for quality control, presentation samples, R&D, and computer color matching data. Can accommodate any printed or laminated flexible substrate, including films, board, aluminum foil, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and more. Features electronically engraved print plates and offers variable print speeds to 40 mpm.

Shaftless Unwinds Are Trouble-Free
Schlumpf Inc., Windham, ME; 207/893-1903; 877/460-4535;http://www.schlumpf-inc.com

LT shaftless unwinds are described as an economical choice to upgrade from outdated equipment or from shafted unwinds. Co. says unwinds are rugged and durable and offer years of trouble-free service with little or no maintenance. Available with floor pickups and a wide range of options for rolls to 60 in. and weights to 4,400 lb.

Slit Wide Variety of Film Weights
Dusenbery Europe Ltd., Bedford, England; +44 (0) 1234 349561; http://www.dusenbery.com

The 281 slitter will slit and rewind very thin films from a web to 2,050 mm wide to minimum widths of 80 mm at a speed of 400 mpm. Also said to generate powerful torque to unwind a jumbo roll weighing 1,600 kilos and slice through heavy, 1,000-micron presspahn board laminate. Two winding systems for 70-, 76-, and 152-mm cores are built in to handle this wide variety of materials.

UV Printers Use Flexo and Offset
Griffin-Rutgers Co. Inc., Ronkonkoma, NY; 631/981-4141; http://www.griffin-rutgers.com

Metronic Vario Soft VSK-S 400 Series UV systems print complete text and variable information onto flat packaging materials such as folding boxes and blister cards. Series employs flexo and offset processes. Standard features include a doctor blade system for optimal ink transfer and a half-saddle system for quick replacement of print mats. Allows for loading and unloading of material while machine is in operation.

Glue Application, Inspection for Envelopes
Valco Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH; 513/874-6550;http://www.valcocincinnatiinc.com

System for envelopes is enabled by the MCP25-MS pattern control, which combines glue application and inspection in one control. Working in conjunction with the MCP25-MS, a high-speed optical sensor verifies adhesive integrity for positioning and length following glue application and before envelope is folded. Sensor checks thickness to ensure the proper amount of adhesive is present. Co.'s envelope system utilizes 400E-series, noncontact valves. Ceramic nozzles reportedly provide longer life, easier maintenance, and better flow characteristics for precision accuracy. Efficient application eliminates adhesive “sling” and unnecessary waste, says co.

Meter Measures pH and Temperature
Extech Instruments, Waltham, MA; 781/890-7440; http://www.extech.com

ExStik meter utilizes a flat-surface electrode that measures pH in liquids, semi-solids, and solids. A “Smart Chip” is said to eliminate guesswork by indicating when electrode needs to be recalibrated or replaced. Measurements range from 0.00-14 pH with a sensitive 0.01 pH resolution and accuracy. Also measures temperature.

Lift Table Is Portable, Easy to Use
Pentalift Equipment Corp., Buffalo, NY; 519/763-3625;http://www.pentalift.com

Fully portable lift table has been designed for servicing high-speed, specialty web offset printing lines. Enables a tool-less installation and removal of cylinder printing units. Features heavy-duty swivel casters, reportedly providing safe and efficient positioning within a very tight operating area. Also offers dual-position, constant-pressure push-button controls, enabling operator control from either side of the table; and an on-board, high-efficiency battery and charger system.

Mid-Web Press Offers Gearless Features
Paper Converting Machine Co. (PCMC), Green Bay, WI; 920/336-4300; http://www.pcmc.com

The Prizm mid-web in-line flexographic packaging press has a gearless design utilizing AC digital servo drives; a “revolutionary” sleeve exchange system for plate and anilox; and NT doctor blade technology. Press is designed to produce high-impact packaging in less time; modularity allows user to incorporate single-pass converting in one line. Available in web widths from 30-50 in., press replaces the ZigZag line acquired by co. in March 2001.

Wash-Up System Includes Viscosity Sensors
ADI Intl., Matthews, NC; 704/845-1540; http://www.rcdoyle.com

Co. offers the Opti-Color (Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany) Rapid Washer Quiver systems, now with OBD automatic viscosity control sensors. System reportedly washes up automatically in 1 min or less.

Jogger-Aerator Accommodates Large Sheets
Woodward Mfg. Inc., East Rutherford, NJ; 201/933-6800; http://www.joggeraerator.com

The WJA-5600-FL no-pit jogger-aerator is designed to accommodate sheets to 45 × 56 in. The machine will jog, align, aerate, and turn over loads of paper, paperboard, corrugated, slip sheets, or Typar in just minutes, says co. It is configured for floor placement and ground level loading and requires no installation. Reportedly, the unit distributes the weight of the load throughout the machine safely.

Catalytic Oxidizer Is Efficient, Economical
Glenro Inc., Paterson, NJ; 888/453-6761; http://www.glenro.com

A 3000-scfm catalytic oxidation system is said to remove multiple solvents and odors from a process exhaust stream cost-effectively. Destroys a combination of aldehydes, ketones, alcohols, esters, and non-volatile vegetable oil at the rate of 13.3 lb/hr. Designed to maintain catalyst temperature at 750-800 deg F, which is said to ensure complete destruction of solvents, oils, and related odors to meet air quality regulations. Reduces fuel consumption by using an air-to-air exhaust preheat heat exchanger subsystem.

Ionizing Air Gun Now Has Titanium Tip
ElectroStatics Inc., Harleysville, PA; 215/513-0850; http://www.electrostatics.com

Models 190C&M and CPS Titanium Tip Series ionizing air guns are designed to simultaneously neutralize and remove contamination held by electrostatics attraction. Rugged design and light weight (12-27 oz) add to operator comfort and ease of operation, co. notes. Titanium ionizing tip reportedly ensures long ionizer life with less maintenance. Accompanying air filter/air regulator is said to ensure proper PSI and clean, filtered air.

YAG Laser Technology Improves Anilox Rollers
Starna Industries Ltd., Essex, England; +44 (0) 20 8599 5115
Stork Cellramic's Ex-Cell-Ence range of YAG precision engraved anilox rollers is available in random, trihelic, slotted, standard, and customized volumes. The introduction of the YAG laser has enabled co. to increase the number of cells by a factor of 4. This reportedly makes it possible to engrave to 1,500 lpi with improved cell structure.

Microperforate for Breathable Packaging
Laser Machining Inc., Somerset. WI; 715/247-3285; http://www.lasermachining.com

AcuBreathe is called the next generation of laser microperforating for breathable packaging. From gas transmission to moisture release, product can be tailored to fit a range of material types and thicknesses. Co. reports system can provide clean, strong, consistent, precise hole sizes; easy adjustment of hole sizes and density; quick setup and pattern change; virtually no waste at beginning and end of roll; multiple options; and production speeds to 1,500 fpm.

Bring Presses into Register Quickly
Advanced Vision Technology, Hod-Hasharon, Israel; +972-9-761-4477; http://www.avt-inc.com

The pRegister solution for register pre-setting closes the loop with machine vision capabilities and enables printers to bring presses into register rapidly while saving time as well as expensive substrates, co. says. Reportedly slashes start-up waste on CI (central impression) flexo presses by bringing up to ten colors into register within 1 min to fine accuracy. System can be used on paper, film, foil, cellophane, and more.

Gearless Flexo Press Runs at High Speeds
Fischer & Krecke, Fairfield, NJ; 973/882-9460; http://www.fischer-krecke.com

The Flexpress 36 S servo-driven, gearless, CI flexo press is available in eight- and ten-color configurations and web widths of 59-87 in. Print widths range from 57-85 in. Features include high-speed operation of 1,500 fpm and up to 2,000 fpm optionally. Patent-pending sleeve system, which allows the use of lightweight sleeves for complete size range, is said to reduce tooling costs and eliminate incremental print repeat lengths.

Coat Off-Line in Various Configurations
Heidelberg USA, Kennesaw, GA; 770/419-6500; 888/472-9655; http://www.us.heidelberg.com

The Speedmaster CD 102 off-line coater is available with a minimum of two units, one coater and one dryer. Maximum configuration of four units enables application and drying of two different coating materials. Co. reports carton coater allows printers to produce high-end water-based or UV coating effects. With more units, co. adds, a converter can run additional applications such as gloss/dull combinations and metallics. A variety of drying equipment can be installed, including hot air, IR, or UV.

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