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Holographic Paper Outshines Laminates
Metallized Products Inc.
, Winchester, MA; 888/674-8088
Holographic metallized papers look exactly like plastic laminates, are easier to process, and are more environmentally friendly than conventional laminates, mfr. reports. Metallized paper not only provides better lay-flat properties than laminates, co. says, but also simplifies processing and is more cost-effective. With a variety of brilliant patterns, including rainbows, dots, crystal, and other styles, holographic metallized papers are suitable for gift-wrap, packaging, and labeling applications.

Direct Thermal Paper Sized to Fit
Russell-Field Paper Co.
, Bellwood, IL; 800/737-2737.
Affordable 7 PT and 9 PT Direct Thermal Paper is the latest addition to the RF Xpress Roll Program, a p-s stocking program for the tag and label industry. Ready to be converted to exact specifications, rewound, and shipped in 24 hr, this ultra-smooth, curl-resistant direct thermal reportedly is barrier coated with thermally sensitive materials to resist water, oil, and chemicals. Co. says the high-definition, bright white surface allows for maximum image contrast, and the low abrasion quality prolongs printhead life to make both direct thermals suitable for a broad range of ticket applications.

Metallized Papers Create Exciting Effects
Proma Technologies
, Franklin, MA; 800/343-6977; promatechnologies.com
HoloPRISM line of papers is designed to capture, create, and hold consumer attention in advertising, packaging, point-of-purchase display, gift-wrap, and label applications. The metallized application reportedly diffracts light to create a myriad of visual effects that offer designers a new dimension of graphic solutions.

EB Coating Is FDA Compliant
Sun Chemical Ink (GPI)
, Northlake, IL; 708/562-0550; (sunchemical.com
SunBeam LE is reported to be the first low extractable (LE) EB-curable coating that complies with FDA regulations for direct food contact. The LE coating provides high gloss; chemical, heat, and abrasion resistance; and it is recommended for use in flexible film, paper packaging, and multiwall sack applications, as well as an inside coating on food cartons. Formulated with no VOCs or solvents.

Metallized Paper Won't Crack
Unifoil Corp.
, Passaic Pk., NJ; 973/365-2000<; unifoil.com
UltraFlex UniLustre and Holographic UniLuster are lightweight, flexible, metallized papers that outperform other metallized substrates, the mfr. reports. The dimensional media is said to fold to a tight corner without any flaking or cracking of the metallization. Reportedly prints as easily as plain paper, accepts virtually all inks, and is environmentally friendly. Available in weights of 80 lb or lighter. Can be pressure-sensitized; choose from permanent, repositionable, or low-tack adhesives.

Polymer Adds Strength, Elasticity to Film
Kraton Polymers
, Houston, TX; 800/457-2866; kraton.com
Kraton polymer-based stretch wrapping films reportedly help retain food shelf life, protecting against moisture, dirt, and abrasion, while enhancing food's visual appearance. Co. says the plasticizer-free wrap complies with key food-safety criteria and helps converters comply with stringent regulations on plasticizer levels in food wraps. The material's low density results in lighter weight, thinner films, which are said to be oxygen permeable, puncture resistant, and transparent.

Acrylic Adhesive Remains Clear
Rohm and Haas Co.
, Philadelphia, PA; 215/345-4525; rohmandhaas.com
RoSeal acrylic adhesives provide high quality carton-sealing tapes that reportedly endure prolonged UV light exposure without fading. The transparent quality of the adhesive is suitable for inventory numbers, bar codes, or graphics, whether printed on the carton or the tape itself. Co. says the acrylic adhesive-backed tape is stronger than the average shipping tape, easier to apply, and more resistant to temperature changes.

Adhesive Prevents Migration in Many Applications
H.B. Fuller Co.
, St. Paul, MN; 651/236-3195; hbfuller.com
Lamin8 low-to-no-migration adhesives are said to combine the power and performance of solvent-borne adhesives with the low-VOC content of 100% solids technology. The result, says co., is a flexible packaging adhesive that eliminates concern about harmful chemical migration, as well as tunneling, curling, and other problems affecting the esthetics and performance of finished laminations. Suitable for many applications, including snack foods, dry goods, aqueous, meat/cheese, fresh-cut product, boil-in-bag, and various industrial and sterilizable medical uses. Reported to offer minimal cure time, high clarity, superior adhesion to a variety of films, and easy processability at high speeds.

Adhesive Benefits Make It Flexible
AdLamCo. Inc.
, York, PA; 717/845-7088; 800/223-1323
McStick 100% solid low-viscosity adhesive is said to have the following advantages: no heat required to dry or activate; no UV lamp required to activate; no heat required in laminating nip; no speed limitation to dry; food-acceptable for lamination FDA 175.105; acceptable for boil-in-bag laminations; and more. Can be used as adhesive for lamination or as extrusion primer. Reportedly is easy to clean up and is not affected by moisture.

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