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PSTC 2002-03 Tape Products Directory Available

2002-2003 Tape Products Directory is now available.

AWA Reviews Releaser Liner Market/Self-Adhesive for Graphic Arts

Package printing and converting industry market-research firm AWA Associates says international market study, Release Liner Market and Trends in the Self-Adhesive Graphic Arts Industry 2002, now available.

South America and the Self-Adhesive Label Industry

South America is a key prospect for the self-adhesive label industry… but when?

Canadian Converter: Labelad

Poised to say a step ahead of its competition, one Canadian converter's commitment to high quality printing has kept it... Labeled for Success...

Release Liners: A Worldwide Special ReportMedical/Healthcare Use

In the release liners manufacturing industry, AWA says disposables demand will grow, but on a changing base.

Release Liners: A Worldwide Special ReportReducing Silicone Mist

Using a high-speed cross-linker is a cost-effective solution to reduce mist.

Release Liners: A Worldwide Special ReportEB/UV Curing Drying

A layman’s explanation of how these technologies are applied and how they differ.

Release Liners: A Worldwide Special Report: Release LinersPackaging Waste?

An opinion shift that release liners are packaging rather than process waste will have consequences across the supply chain.

Self-Adhesive Labels: Past, Present, and Future

With an adhesive made out of a cigar box and a simple die punch, R. Stanton Avery, founder of Avery Dennison Corp., pioneered a production technique that

Made You Look

Tag and label manufacturers pull out all the stops and produce eye-popping graphics that provide plenty of shelf appeal for consumers. TLMI rewards their efforts.

Release Liners: A Worldwide Special Report

This part of AWA's Release Liners: A Worldwide Special Report includes: "Wanted: A Better Knowledge Base"; "Label Stock Liners: Issues & Trends"; and "The Market for Release Liners."

Standing the Test of Time: A Look at PFFC's 75-Year History

Expanded Online Version: Things that withstand 75 years certainly deserve to commemorate the anniversary with a glittering, valuable reminder of a hard-earned and fruitful longevity; perhaps that's why the diamond signifies 75 years.

Standing the Test of Time with Paper, Film & Foil CONVERTER

In the beginning, there were precious few magazines to rival the editorial coverage of a fledgling The Envelope Industry. The date was March 1927, and


1920s and 1930s 1940s 1960s 1970 - 1973 1974 - 1976 1977 - 1979 1980s 1990 - April 1993 May 1993 - 1994 1995 - 19992000 to present The 1950s...Known as

Turning Standard into Specialty

By providing a wide range of custom solutions, Budnick Converting cuts across myriad industries and does what others say "can't be done."

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