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Performance: Making Life Better for Converter & End-User

Group leader Kevin Cunningham and senior chemist William Mertz of Loparex's Graphics Team show how it is still possible to improve “traditional” release liner products.

Spotlight on the North American Market

Corey M. Reardon, principal of international consultants AWA Alexander Watson Assoc., takes a closer look at "local" market trends.

A Look at Adhesion Increase in Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

Last month, this column addressed the subject of permanent and removable pressure-sensitive adhesives. A prime consideration in the difference between

Europe: Label's Leader

Despite slowing growth rates, the outlook is positive for the world's largest label market.

Wise Tag & Label and TLMI Making History Together

The year was 1961. John F. Kennedy was inaugurated as the 35th president of the US. The Green Bay Packers won the NFL Championship again. And Wise Tag

Let's Talk Trends

It's not uncommon to hear today's label converters speak almost longingly of the “good old days,” when they enjoyed year after year of double-digit growth, invested heavily in new equipment, and even struggled to find qualified employees.

Honoring Innovation

The TLMI Annual Awards Competition is one of the most popular benefits of membership in the organization, with award plaques proudly displayed by winning companies literally around the world.

Tag & Label Industry Timeline

Since being established 70 years ago, the Tag & Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI) has enjoyed growth in membership and programs to become North America's leading association for the tag and label industry.

Permanent & Removable Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

An intriguing aspect of pressure-sensitive adhesives is the wide variety available. They come in different forms for application as solutions in solvent,

The Big Showdown?

Will RFID technology eventually phase out the bar code? Industry experts agree, bar code's days aren't numbered just yet.

Lenticular Labels Emerge

With a new, thinner lenticular lens from National Graphics, Outlook Group Corp. is converting p-s labels that turn heads.

Complete Solutions

DI-NA-CAL adds capacity for its heat-transfer label production with a new Rotomec gravure press.

A Clear Winner

Thirsty for new business, forms converter BBF Printing Solutions finds success in the private label beverage market with help from material supplier Raflatac.

Today's Portfolio of Product Decoration Technologies

With major brand owners continuously seeking unique features for labels and packaging that will aid product differentiation, the self-adhesive label industry

Envelope Manufacturers See Growth in Soft Packaging Niche

Envelope manufacturers are finding a ready market in soft packaging, a niche that encompasses a variety of packaging applications (soft goods and/or security packaging).

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