Avery Awarded Patent for Easy Peel Feature

BREA, CA | Avery Dennison is awarded a patent related to the Avery Easy Peel label sheet contruction as it celebrates its 75th anniversary. The company reports its the latest in a long line of pattented innovations, and the Easy Peel feature is found on several Avery-brand address label products, including Avery 5160 and Avery 8160 (Avery Easy Peel Address Labels).

"The Easy Peel patent is another testament to Avery Dennison's unwavering commitment to making our consumers' lives easier," said Todd Thompson, VP, Marketing and R&D worldwide, Avery Dennison Office Products. "Labels have come a long way since our founder Stan Avery developed the world's first self-adhesive labels, because we are relentless in our dedication to providing innovative and meaningful solutions that meet consumers' needs."

The patented Easy Peel label sheet leaves the edges of the labels exposed for peeling. Easy Peel Address labels with the Pop-up Edge allow consumers to simply bend the sheet, according to the company, which makes the edges of the labels "pop up" for easy removal from the sheet. Other innovations developed by Avery Dennison for office solutions, include the following:
* Clean Edge Business Cards - A patented feature is said to allow easy separation of a business card by snap-breaking it cleanly from the sheet, resulting in smooth edges and professional-looking cards printed directly from a desktop computer.
* Easy Apply Label - A patented and patent-pending feature reportedly allows consumers to save time by labeling an entire set of Index Maker dividers at once with alignment.
* TrueBlock Technology - A patent-pending feature used on Avery shipping and file folder labels claims to allow consumers to re-use file folders and boxes by blocking out previous labels or writing. Use of the new label with TrueBlock technology reportedly will not allow old information underneath to show through.

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