Ahlstrom To Produce Lower Grammage Papers for Labels & Flexpacks

HELSINKI, FINLAND | As a global high-performance materials company,  Ahlstrom Corp., says it will invest €7 million at its Stenay plant in France to produce lower grammage grades, in order to enhance the quality of one-side coated papers for metalized labels and flexible packaging. The investment is planned for completion in mid-2012.

The investment will play a key role in responding to the current market needs for low-grammage papers, according to Jan Lång, CEO and president of Ahlstrom: "As a leading player, we have been continuously improving our offering in flexible packaging and metalized labels. In addition to addressing our customers' specific needs, this investment will also have a highly positive impact on the overall quality of the production output and performance characteristics at customers' end."

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