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Screen USA Rolls Out UV Inkjet Label System


ROLLING MEADOWS, IL | Screen USA announces the commercial launch of the Truepress Jet L350UV inkjet label printing system. Company says the delivers a high level of printing and is able to handle security printing required by the label printing industry. 

After introducing the technology at several international exhibitions and conducting ongoing market research to determine label industry requirements, the company has incorporated several major improvements into the press, including proprietary printhead control technology, wide-gamut UV inks, and color management technology. Print speed is 164 fpm.

Two options are expected in 2014: The ability to connect inline to post-processing devices such as those for die-cutting and surface processing such as varnish printing, enabling uninterrupted production from input of digital data to output of finished labels; and a security printing solutions that will offer the ability to output the special codes required for Advanced Track & Trace’s SEAL VECTOR authentication technology and support for the dot codes used in counterfeiting prevention and distribution management systems.

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