TLMI offers a number of resources designed to keep its members up to date on the latest news, innovations, and technologies affecting the association and the industry as a whole:

The TLMI website (

Offers up-to-date information about the association, its members, and events, as well as links to and information about other industry resources.


A bi-monthly publication reporting on ongoing and future activities and events of TLMI and the tag and label industry as a whole. The Illuminator is available in print and by e-mail and can be downloaded from the TLMI website.

The North American Label Study

Published every three years, this comprehensive study reports on those forces that are shaping the North American label industry, including a forecast for three years. The study targets label converters, industry suppliers, and end-users. It provides a benchmark containing accurate and relevant research market data and knowledge to assist industry leaders in making business decisions critical to their growth and profitability.

TLMI Glossary of Terms

This hardcover book contains more than 900 definitions from A to Z of the most frequently used terms in the pressure-sensitive label industry. The glossary was developed in the early 1990s by members of TLMI and as a tool for employees to enhance their understanding of the industry.

Products & Services Guide

This comprehensive list of TLMI members and the products and services they offer by product type and location is published annually in an industry trade publication.

They Built An Industry

Bill Klein's hardcover book chronicles the birth and growth of the label industry. It was written with the help of Don McDaniel (MPI Label Systems) and has been very popular with members.

Index & Trend Report

A quarterly report provides independent and relevant industry data to supplier and converter members for decision-making and long-term planning. It links quantitative data (including the Roll Stock Report and converter quarterly trends data) with a broader economic scope to interpret and highlight key trends.


Communications Committee
Increases visibility of TLMI and member companies; develops trade journal advertising, press releases, and public relations programs.

Environmental Committee
Educates members and sponsors research — at times in collaboration with similar printing industry committees — on current data that impact environmental and health and safety areas.

Industry Trends Committee
Addresses new markets and technology trends with value.

Technical Committee
Sponsors a bi-annual technical conference covering such subjects as inks, adhesives, facestocks, and dies; and updates the TLMI Glossary of Terms for Pressure-Sensitive Labels.

Membership Committee
Recruits new and retains current members and implements new membership benefits.

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