Mactac Reports Partnership with ARMOR

STOW, OH | Mactac is partnering with ARMOR, a manufacturer of thermal transfer ribbons, to enhance Mactac’s existing portfolio of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approved durable films with thermal transfer ribbons. The partnership includes the addition of ARMOR’s AXR 7+ thermal transfer ribbon to Mactac’s MH26726 UL file for printing materials in the US (PGJI2) and Canada (PGJI8). Now, each of the following Mactac Durable Films has UL approval listed with ARMOR’s AXR 7+:

  • BDE6914: 2.6-mil white UV resistant polypropylene
  • VDG6911: 3.4-mil white vinyl
  • FCD6914: 2.0-mil white polyester
  • FED6914: 2.0-mil bright silver polyester
  • FFD6914N: 2.0-mil matte silver polyester
  • FJD6914: 2.0-mil bright silver void polyester

The company says that by selecting the approved Mactac/ARMOR combinations, printers, and converters can ensure label suitability and compliance with ANSI/UL 969 testing standards for displaying required safety information on UL Certified products. Additionally, no further label testing is needed.

“We are excited to partner with ARMOR to deliver our customers an extensive portfolio of recognized film/thermal transfer solutions for durable goods labeling,” says Kim Hensley, marketing manager, Mactac Performance Adhesives. “As one of the first to introduce thermal transfer technology, ARMOR has a long history of pioneering the printing inks business. Through this partnership, we are confident our customers will appreciate the high quality results achieved when pairing Mactac Durable Films with ARMOR thermal transfer ribbons.”

Mactac Durable Films are high-performance adhesive labels designed to resist the extreme hot and cold temperatures, moisture, UV light, and chemical exposure often found in durable goods labeling applications. They feature a 50# Super Calendared Kraft (SCK) liner and Mactac’s MP690 high-performance, high-tack permanent acrylic emulsion adhesive, which is said to be resistant to chemicals and solvents and has very good adhesion to high- and low-energy substrates.

ARMOR’s AXR 7+ thermal transfer ribbon is a super premium resin ribbon reported to provide excellent print quality and known resistance to smudging, scratching, and high temperatures.

Mactac Durable Films with ARMOR AXR 7+ thermal transfer ribbon are intended for durable goods and industrial labeling applications, such as power tools, appliances, electronics, compliance labels, and warning and instructional labels. They can be used to identify products, track or relay information, or instruct or warn consumers about proper product usage.

“In this business, Mactac is a trusted, household name and we couldn’t be more proud to partner with such a reputable company,” says Scott Morgan, technical sales manager, ARMOR. “A great complement to Mactac’s durable films, our AXR 7+ thermal transfer ribbon features the latest technology available, delivering exceptional performance in challenging durable goods labeling applications.”

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