Dura-ID Solutions Results from Three-Way Merger

SHEFFIELD, UK | As of 1st of February 2018, label printing specialists IML Labels & Systems, Longcombe Labels, and Leed Marque Concepts merged to become Dura-ID Solutions. The deal will create a combined company with just under 100 members of staff, 5 sites and annual revenues of £14m+.

The merger reportedly follows a highly successful year of sales for the three businesses involved, all of which have been owned as separate entities by Goonvean Holdings. Together, Dura-ID Solutions says it aims to further “revolutionize” identification solutions across all its key sectors and will continue to focus on supplying high quality products and services to its client base.

Dura-ID announces that the full workforce has been retained. Now with sites in Sheffield, Paignton, Mansfield, Cambridge, and Aycliffe, UK, Dura-ID will be able to offer a larger selection of products, have a larger customer reach, and greater capacity to help keep lead times down.

Shaun Higgins, managing director at IML Labels & Systems, says, “We are very enthusiastic about the new opportunities that this merger will bring to our company. The staff at all businesses are passionate about what they do, and it felt right to go through this change. Becoming Dura-ID Solutions means that we will be able to offer a more extensive product range to every industry we specialize within. We are all looking forward to our unified future as Dura-ID Solutions.”

Says Paul Harris, general manager of Longcombe Labels, “This news comes from a keen interest in wanting to provide complete identification solutions for every industry, and as Dura-ID Solutions we can achieve that. Here at Longcombe Labels, all staff are proud to be joining forces and we look forward to what the future has in store for Dura-ID Solutions.”

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