Freedonia Issues US Label Study

CLEVELAND, OH | The Freedonia Group announces a new study entitled Labels Market in the US, 12th Edition, in which it reports that demand for pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA), or self-adhesive, labels is expected to rise 3.5%/yr to $15.1 billion in 2021.

Demand for pressure-sensitives, which accounted for 76% of total label demand in 2016, will benefit from greater demand for value-added types and smart labels. The almost exclusive use of PSAs in fast-growing markets such as the secondary and mailing and shipping segments will also drive growth, says the report.

While paper-based labels represent the vast majority of demand—74% of the total in 2016—plastic p-s labels are expected to grow more rapidly. Plastic offers numerous advantages, says the report, including durability, a wide range of customizable resin options, and esthetic advantages such as a no-label look.

The entire US labels market is forecast to grow 3.4% annually to $19.8 billion in 2021, accelerating from the 2011–2016 pace. Gains will be driven by increased focus on labels as sophisticated marketing and track-and-trace tools, leading to growth for value-added label types. According to analyst Ellen Kriz, “Ongoing improvements in converting techniques and printing technologies will lower costs and increase penetration of these higher value labels.”

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