Schreiner MediPharm Adds Features to Labels

BLAUVELT, NY | Schreiner MediPharm, a Germany-based global provider of specialty pharmaceutical labeling solutions for more than 65 years, has introduced new features for its Autoinjector-Labels. The customizable solutions can now imcorporate an irreversible first-opening indicator with an anti-recapping functionality, as well as integrated dust protection for particularly challenging applications.

The market for injection devices such as autoinjectors and pens is rapidly growing. Factors in this expansion include the trend toward self-medication, the increasing incidence of chronic diseases, and a growing biotech sector. The sophisticated, innovative labeling solutions often needed in this sector drove the company to develop additional features for its Autoinjector-Labels.

The newest concept combines first-opening protection with an anti-recapping function and dust protection. The label wraps around the autoinjector, including the cap, reportedly providing effective dust and dirt protection before the device is initially opened. An integrated perforation clearly indicates that the label has been opened.

  • The label is positioned in a way that prevents undetected recapping of the autoinjector for illegal reuse. Other possible features include the following:
  • A hologram for counterfeiting protection Inspection windows with an anti-UV varnish coating, to protect light-sensitive active drugs
  • A room temperature indicator
  • An anti-slip varnish for enhanced grip and safe handling.

Injection treatment aids for such serious conditions as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, anaphylactic shock, and multiple sclerosis need to be easy and safe in use, particularly for health- and motor-impaired patients, the company says.

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