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HERMA Reports Benefits for New PP Label Film

FILDERSTADT, GERMANY | HERMA has unveiled a new PP label film in its Self-Adhesive Materials Division. The PP white gloss was developed primarily for use on HP Indigo digital presses. 

A special surface coating is said to offer excellent printability with no need for pre-treatment and supreme ink adhesion of HP ElectroInks, and the film (white digital grade 877) is suitable for both standard applications and demanding conditions.

The company says digitally printed labels on rolls are being used for more and more applications, including on wine bottles, in the pharmaceutical and food industries, and increasingly in the retail sector. For that reason, it has added to the range of films for digital printing offered by its Self-adhesive Materials division.

The new labels reportedly provide a strong visual appeal for use on cosmetics or household cleaning products, for example, even when hostile weather conditions and exposure to chemicals have to be endured. The adhesive is also certified by the German institute ISEGA for direct contact with fatty foodstuffs.

HERMA managing director Dr. Thomas Baumgärtner says that because the labels require no pretreatment with a primer prior to printing, “This will make it easy for users who work with HP, to print digitally in the future with this film label stock. With this solution that has been officially approved by HP, we are offering supreme reliability—backed by the product and service quality standards for which [our company] has long since established a strong reputation in the conventional printing community.”

The standard coating for the new film is the HERMA adhesive 62Xpc with multi-layer perfectCut (http://www.herma-material.co.uk/en/adhesives/hermaperfect.html) technology. The material is said to reduce die-cutter wear, especially during film label production, improve convertibility and die-cutting results, and thus enhance machine performance, in particular when producing film labels.


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