Clondalkin Makes Coffee Sleeve Glitter

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS | Clondalkin Kirchberg, the specialist supplier of shrink sleeves and lidding solutions, has developed a special glitter sleeve for this year's Winter Edition of Emmi`s on-the-go iced coffee CAFFÉ LATTE. As sponsor of the FIS World Ski Championships, which will take place in St. Moritz in 2017, Emmi has chosen the motto "Go for Gold." This theme needed to be reflected on the shrink sleeve for this year's Winter edition of Emmi CAFFÉ LATTE. 

Inspired by the glamor of St. Moritz and the motto "Go for Gold,” Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Kirchberg has developed a special new type of glitter effect for this one-off edition. As a result, the Caffé Latte Winter edition reportedly sparkles, radiates, and expresses a touch of glamor on the refrigerated shelf.

Emmi's Marina Niederberger says, "We have been working with Clondalkin Kirchberg for several years on the Emmi CAFFÉ LATTE sleeve. We have an excellent relationship with Clondalkin Kirchberg. They take our needs and requirements very seriously and always strive to meet them exactly. Clondalkin Kirchberg thrives on tricky and challenging work."

Rolf Zimmermann, sales manager at Clondalkin Kirchberg, says, "We are proud to have successfully implemented the specific and technically delicate requirements of our customer once again. Together with Emmi marketing we found a very innovative solution for this year`s CAFFÉ LATTE Winter edition within a short time frame.

Clondalkin Flexible Packaging operates 11 production sites for extrusion, printing, laminating, and finishing in Europe and North America. Clondalkin Group specializes in coated and laminated waxed papers and foils, pre-cut lids, polymer-based sheets, rolls, sleeves, and bags.


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