Secabo Label Cutter Called Ideal for Short Runs

WOLNZACH, GERMANY | Secabo, specialist fin the development and production of signmaking technology equipment, has launched the LC30, a roll­to-roll label cutter for the fully automatic production of stickers and free­form labels.

The new product, designed for small and medium runs, is said to be quick to set up and to allow for achieving perfect results immediately, thanks to the software DrawCut LabelStudio, whether for pilot runs of labels, professional labels for medium­sized quantities of products, small series for special editions, or related services.

Secabo's managing director Dipl.­Ing. Fabian Franke says, “Smaller businesses in the food, cosmetics, and gift production need label finishers with a reasonable basic configuration at a fair price. Our label cutter LC30 is also the right choice for service providers who create pilot runs of labels for major productions or labels for small runs.“

In addition to classical labels in rectangular, triangular, or round shape, users can produce individual stickers shapes with complex contours using the included DrawCut LabelStudio software. The software achieves this by creating a print file that can either be produced with a suitable web press or by a print shop on a roll. Once loaded, the LC30 will precisely plot out all elements. A complex web tension control system regulates the flow of media through the label cutter. After the contour cut, the excess foil is automatically stripped and rewound separately. The result is a role with ready cut labels that can immediately be used in further conversion and application processes.

Company says the LC30 is ready to use all types of printed roll media, which correspond to the minimum and maximum diameter as well as the machine's core diameter.

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