TLMI Honors Companies for Green Leadership

GLOUCESTER, MA | The Tag and Label Mfrs. Institute (TLMI) held its Annual Meeting recently in Colorado Springs, CO, where Lauterbach Group, Sussex, WI, received the TLMI Environmental Leadership Award. Yerecic Label, New Kensington, PA, and Dow Chemical Company,  Philadelphia, PA, were also recognized for their achievements in demonstrating a commitment to TLMI’s sustainability initiatives for waste reduction, tangible and replicable practices, and unique sustainability initiatives. 

The TLMI Environmental Leadership Award recognizes a TLMI member that has consistently demonstrated a commitment to progressive environmental practices across a range of areas including solid waste reduction, recycling, waste or energy recovery, the implementation of new “clean” technology and/or processes, and the implementation of an education program.

Calvin Frost, TLMI Environmental Committee Chair, says, “This is TLMI’s 13th year in presenting the award. The award was created in order to recognize companies that are demonstrating leadership in the implementation of environmental awareness and best sustainability practices in the North American label and packaging industries. I want to congratulate the Lauterbach Group, Yerecic Label, and Dow Chemical Company for their high level of excellence and outstanding contributions in environmental awareness.”

The Award for Environmental Leadership was given to Lauterbach Group, a company that, according to Frost has, “followed the requirements of the Leadership Award application perfectly.” During the last several years, Lauterbach has focused on health and wellness throughout its organization; focused on education, job training, and career development; and monitored purchases with recycled content, renewable energy, and green technologies. The company has also reduced water and energy consumption with documented and measurable tracking, in addition to waste and plate spoilage. Company is a TLMI L.I.F.E. certified member.

The Dow Chemical Company received special recognition for the company’s Sustainability Initiative program, driving awareness and environmental education across the supply chain. Dow uses its expertise to leverage relationships that enabled the company to launch a “recycle-to-feedstock” project. The project closes the loop on non-recyclable substrates by creating high-value synthetic oil from these materials.

Yerecic Label received special recognition for the company’s continued dedication to expanding TLMI’s message regarding sustainability and for its own exemplary sustainability practices. Members of Yerecic Label continue to be active in TLMI, including the chairmanship of the TLMI Recycling Solutions subcommittee. Yerecic has measured its in-house waste stream and has developed an energy application as an alternative to landfilling. Since the inception of their program, the company has diverted more than 2,000 tons from landfills.

Says Frost, “Some years our panel of judges decides that there are no applications worthy of recognition, however that was certainly not the case this year. I would like to congratulate Lauterbach Group, Dow, and Yerecic Label. The achievements of this year’s winners demonstrate ongoing commitment to improvement, to TLMI, and to the greater industry.”

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