Acucote Tamper-Evident Label Stock Now Customized


GRAHAM, NC | Acucote has extended its line of frangible, voiding, and tamper-evident products to include complete customization. Company says options for tamper-evident label stocks have typically included the standard silver and white facestocks with the term "VOID" in a diagonal pattern. Acucote is now providing converters the ability to offer their customers a product that will differentiate them in security packaging.

The new product line, Custom Voiding Facestocks, is flexible in that it allows for the customization of voiding text (company name or virtually any message), the option to Pantone color match the facestock, or, if desired, customers can display shapes and logos as the void pattern instead of plain text.

Utilizing a polyester base, this program is available 10 in. x 5,000 ft or by master width at 54 in. x 2,500 ft (or more).

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