MACtac Offers Adhesive Films for Squeezable Labels


STOW, OH | The Performance Adhesives Group of MACtac announces new squeezable films with MP880 adhesive to fit what the company says is the growing need for label conformity in unique food and beverage packaging.

The squeezable films feature clear adhesives said to have excellent tack designed to meet converters' needs for an adhesive used for a variety of surfaces such as PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, and others. The films give graphic designers a bolder look than paper labels, company says, while offering long-lasting shelf appeal to attract consumers.

"This high-performing, stand-out adhesive film does offer a visual advantage over paper labels," says Kim Hensley, product manager, MACtac Performance Adhesives Group. "However, the film and adhesive combination most notably offers excellent non-water whitening properties needed to maintain clarity even with extended exposure to water, also proving its value compared to paper packaging."

The MP880 adhesive is available for use with clear and white squeezable films and clear, white, and chrome polypropylene products. The adhesive was developed specifically for beverage and personal care labeling applications with films such as company’s Vivid Ice and Vivid Squeeze for full-squeeze, semi-squeeze, and rigid container labeling. This adhesive reportedly provides extended open time for the clean removability of misapplied labels, allowing the container to be re-labeled.

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