Cosmo Films Offers Direct Thermal Label Films


NEW DELHI, INDIA, | Cosmo Films offers direct thermal label films used for multitude of applications including Information labeling (i.e., airport baggage tags), manufacturing tracking, and weight and price labeling.

The film has a proprietary coating that image/impression formation upon contact with the printhead of the thermal printer. A protective layer is generally applied to protect the coated surface from mechanical abrasion, climatic factors, chemical products etc. Reportedly, the film offers good scuff and water resistance, lends an excellent paper-like matte finish, and produces a dark image on printing. Available in thickness varieties of 50 and 75 microns in single-layer structure and 100 microns and above in laminated structures.

Company says the direct thermal printing method offers several advantages, including easy of use, lower cost, tamper evidence, and reduced inventory.

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