Essentra Offers New Foam Core Tape

FOREST PARK, IL | Essentra Specialty Tapes (formerly Duraco Inc. and Duraco Express) introduces Duraco High Bond Tape, a permanent foam core tape. This double-sided tape has been designed for applications where a strong adhesive bond or high shear strength is desired. Its permanent bond is tamper-resistant and ideally suited for a variety of high stress applications:

Alternative to mechanical fasteners—This tape is a superior replacement for mechanical fasteners (i.e., screws, rivets, and bolts) used to attach decorative panels to a structure or frame, as with white goods and other appliances. It is quicker and easier to apply High Bond tape to a frame and attach a panel, than to install fasteners. High Bond also achieves a much cleaner aesthetic, as there are no dimples, welds, or other unsightly surface discontinuities that result from mechanical fasteners.

Temperature extremes—High Bond has a service temperature range of -20 deg F to +300 deg F, and can maintain its properties at much higher temperatures than other foam tapes.

Clarity—Duraco High Bond offers a unique clear foam tape that allows it to bond to glass or clear plastics while not being as noticeable as most foam tapes.

Due to the advantages of using High Bond tape as an alternative to mechanical fasteners, High Bond provides an ideal fastening solution for a variety of OEMs, but most especially for manufacturers of consumer and commercial appliances. It is also well suited for the assembly of mechanical systems, such as HVAC, where High Bond can replace mechanical fasteners and welding in the assembly of heating and air conditioning units. High Bond also can be used to attach mirrors, metal panels, and name plates, such as those used on autos, as well as for LCD displays, hand-held electronics and data enclosures; for seamless banner assembly and sign installation; bonding dissimilar metals, and many other applications. High Bond Tape also has unique shock absorption and vibration dampening properties.

Duraco High Bond Tape is offered in clear, white, gray, and black colors. It is available in continuous length rolls and in pre-cut pieces on a roll. Duraco High Bond Tape is offered in a large variety of:

• Thicknesses, from 0.010 in. to 0.120 in. (in a greater variety than any other tape brand)

• Widths, from 1/2 in. to 1 in.

• Lengths, from 1 in. to 4 in. for pre-cut pieces on a roll, and 39 ft to 432 ft for continuous rolls


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