Bluestar Silicones Introduces Release Coating System


EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ | Bluestar Silicones announces Silcolease Poly 356, an ultra-flat release coating system said to target low-platinum, solventless systems and help label manufacturers enhance productivity and realize significant cost savings.

Part of company’s Optima system, the product is said to be an innovative silicone release coating that provides premium flat release over a broad range of strip speeds. Said to offer a flat release profile and enable label manufacturers to increase converting speeds.

Product is designed for formulation flexibility to allow reduction in platinum catalyst and more cost-effective process conditions for pressure-sensitive applications. Company says it provides good cures at high coating line speeds, effective cure on thermally sensitive substrates, and a wide range of release levels with addition of release modifiers. Anchors to most substrates and has excellent bath stability.


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