Appleton Launches MoistureBloc, Moisture Vapor Barrier for Folding Carton Packaging

APPLETON, WI, USA—Appleton reports it has launched MoistureBloc folding carton barrier packaging, "a substrate engineered to provide superior protection from moisture vapor damage for consumer dry goods like detergents, powdered milk, rice, potato flakes, and baby cereal," says the co.

According to Appleton, MoistureBloc provides moisture barrier protection without the need for a separate overwrap or laminated film through the application of an innovative barrier coating.

"Applied to the inside," explains the manufacturer, "this barrier coating reduces the amount of packaging required, which in turn helps to create a more cost-effective performance packaging solution." MoistureBloc meets US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirements for food packaging, adds Appleton.

Appleton says MoistureBloc provides an "exceptional" outside print surface, and the product is easy to convert on conventional equipment. "MoistureBloc is recyclable and repulpable, which makes it more environmentally friendly and cost-effective than overwrapped or laminated (with plastic or metallized films) product packaging," adds co.

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