As Good as It Gets: PPC Awards

The National Paperboard packaging Competition, which the Paperboard Packaging Council says celebrates the best of the best, is more than just a beauty contest. Entries must demonstrate innovation, structural superiority, and creativity, and this year’s winners definitely meet the judges’ expectations.

With more than 200 entries in 30 categories, judges presented one Structural/Technical Innovation Award, one President’s Award, and 26 Gold Awards. Following is a look at the top winners.

President’s Award
For the second year in a row, MeadWestvaco is honored with the prestigious President’s Award. The Duralift beverage carrier, designed by MeadWestvaco’s Smyrna, GA, plant for High Falls Brewing Co., is said to offer several benefits over existing 12-pack bottle solutions.

Existing packages utilize 27-pt Coated Nation Kraft (CNK) with a solid two-ply top panel. Due to its creative proprietary design, Duralift allows the use of 21-pt CNK along with a reduction in actual square inches of board usage, for a source reduction of 12%, the company notes. By using a 21-pt instead of a 27-pt board, more cartons are able to fit into a case and pallet, thereby reducing shipping and warehousing cost.

One judge comments, "From a consumer’s perspective, one of the best handles I’ve ever seen." A second judge adds, "The design promotes flexibility and functionality for the consumer without loss of efficiency in the consumer goods company operation."

Structural/Technical Innovation Award
PPC dedicates a portion of its competition to evaluating entries based solely upon structural integrity and technical excellence. These submissions must not display any printing or graphics.

This year Thoro Packaging, Corona, CA, receives the Structural/Technical Innovation Award for it s Thayer LiteAire Pop Up created for Thayer Medical Inc.

Used in conjunction with prescription inhalers, the Thayer LiteAire Pop Up meets very specific structural and performance requirements. In addition to the fact that it must fit into a shirt pocket, the package needs to meet strict FDA regulations and pass numerous studies including bacteriological and biocompatibility testing.

Thoro’s design for LiteAire is said to offer significant cost saving compared with the plastic version. The accessory is an affordable alternative to the high-cost plastic device and assures the medication gets to the right point in the lungs, adds the manufacturer.

"The design is very innovative…this carton is a product rather than a package," comments one judge.

Gold Award Winners
The following is a list of the 26 Gold Award Winners listed by category.
Beverage Cartons: Non-medical bottled and canned beverages, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks in single-unit packages

  • Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum Carton by Color-Box LLC
  • DuoDozen High Rise by MeadWestvaco Packaging Systems
  • Multi-Piece Basket by MeadWestvaco Packaging Systems
  • Coke Window Pack by Riverwood International
  • Z-Flute Carton by Riverwood International

Computer/Multimedia: Computer hardware, software, and games

  • Palm Tungsten by Rock-Tenn Co.
  • Xilinx Product Box by Ames Specialty Packaging

Cosmetics/Toiletries: Perfumes, colognes, shaving supplies, and shampoos (but not soaps)

  • Dionis Soaps and Hand Cremes by Caraustar
  • Convertible Color Lip Gloss by AGI Klearfold

Foods—All Other Dry Foods: Flour-based prepared mixes, as well as gelatins, grains, condiments, produce, pasta, eggs, etc.

  • Cafè Montreaux Cappucino Gift by Caraustar

Foods—Carry Out: Packages for fast-food and other carry-out chains

  • Picadilly Circus 6 1/2 pizza Clamshell Carton with Window by Bell Inc.
  • Conoco Express Cafè Scoop with Condiment Holder by Bell Inc.

Hardware & Automotive: Hardware, tools, automotive parts, accessories and supplies, batteries, etc.

  • H6024ST Silverstar by Color-Box LLC
  • Schultz Expert Gardner by Rock-Tenn Co.
  • Miracle-Gro Fast Root by Smurfit Stone Container Corp.

Housewares & Appliances: Cutlery, flatware, candles, kitchen accessories and appliances, fixtures, baby bottles, and baby supplies

  • Sebreeze Family Displays by Inland Consumer Packaging

Medicinal Products: Drugs, chemicals, proprietary medicines, bandages, diapers, and surgical/sanitary supplies

  • Actonel by MeadWestvaco Global Healthcare Packaging
  • Thayer LiteAire Pop Up by Thoro Packaging: Thayer Medical Inc.(also a Structural/Technical Innovation award winner)

Novelty Items: Mailers, marketing, and promotional material that contain paperboard not purchased by consumers

  • Focusing on Prevention by F.M. Howell

Paperboard Products Not Packaged: Articles manufactured of paperboard on folding box equipment that are not folding cartons

  • Kool Aid Dial Wheel by Smurfit Stone Container Corp.

Self Promotions: Any product used to promote a member company’s business with external customers. Calendars, gift boxes, games, notepads, and other printed products

  • Cine-Pak by Bert Co.
  • GSPC Specialty Packaging Promotion by Gulf State Corp.

Textile/Apparel: Wearing apparel and footwear, including hosiery, underwear and pajamas, as well as sheets, blankets, towel curtains, etc.

  • Siesta Valley Ranch—Texas Hill Country Comfort Shoes by Caraustar

Toys: Mechanical and non-mechanical toys, dolls, trains and children’s games

  • Transformers—Botcon Warrior, Catscan by Caraustar

Structural/Technical Innovation: Packages from any of the above categories displayed without print or graphics of any kind. Package is judged solely upon structural aspects

  • Duralift by MeadWestvaco packaging Systems: High Falls Brewing Co. (also a President’s award winner)
  • Electron Beam Laminated Detergent Carton by Smurfit Stone Container Corp.

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