Drug Dispensers

Transdermal patches—used for years to help smokers quit—now offer healthy growth opportunities due to improved materials.

Furthering Substrate Functionality

Like to fool around with the functionality of your films? Want to print that hard-to-adhere-to substrate with water-based inks to reduce VOCs? If you

Flexible Packaging & European Disposal Laws

This second article in a series on the impact of solid waste laws on converters examines packaging waste regulation in the European Union (EU) in light

BOPP Film: How Real Is the China Threat?

Plans to increase BOPP capacity in China have industry players worried.

Foil Converter Changes Course

Heat sealable lidding films make U.K.-based FFP Packaging Solutions Ltd. a leader in innovation.

Producing Coextruded High Barrier Heat-Shrinkable Packaging Films

Application: Examining and comparing high barrier polymers and structures provides guidelines for matching film performance with application.

Pactiv to Buy Plastic Packaging Assets of Rock-Tenn Company

Pactiv Corp. reports an agreement to purchase the plastic packaging assets of Rock-Tenn Company.

100 Recycled Paperboard Makes 'Great' Strides

The 100% Recycled Paperboard Alliance says 2003 has been a good year for the 100% recycled paperboard industry.

Adhesion of Coatings to Aluminum Foil

Application: The composition and chemistry of an aluminum foil surface are important to achieve good wettability, bond formation, and durable adhesion on this substrate.

What Can Conductive Organic Polymers Do?

One difference between metals and organic materials is that metals conduct electricity. We know biological systems work in a complex matrix of electrical responses to control various activities, yet most organic materials are considered nonconductors compared to metals, such as aluminum, copper, and silver.

Breaking New Ground

With its recent purchase of the new PCMC Evolution, The Prairie State Group hopes to pave the way for a flexible packaging revolution.

When It Comes to Sleeves, Thin Is Not In

“More attention is being paid to sleeve quality. No longer is the lowest-priced sleeve the automatic choice,” says Anthony Foley, national marketing manager for Edward Graphics...

Winning with Covers

The critical question for converters is: "Just how do you work with heavyweights?"

Hello DBS, Good-Bye Jaded Jewel

Will it be 'bye-bye now' for the standard CD case? QC Packaging says 'indeed,' and an Arpeco press and BST Pro Mark system may help the converter make it so.

Flexible Packaging & Waste Disposal Laws: A US Perspective

The converting industry has brought flexible packaging options, with their attendant source-reduction benefits, to a great number of customers interested

Corona Treating For Coating & Laminating Film

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