Locking in Paper Supply

Atlanta, GA | Mondi has entered into a long-term supply contract for sack paper with the Semen Gresik Group, said to be the largest cement producer in Indonesia. Semen Gresik has been leading the development for efficient and cost-effective packaging solutions, converting its bags from three-ply to two-ply using the Advantage Select grade from the Mondi Dynas mill in Sweden, which will be the main grade in the coming years.

Dwi Soetjipto, CEO Semen Gresik Group, says, “…Mondi…has shown a long-term commitment not only for paper supplies but also for developing more efficient solutions, clearly bringing us distinct advantages in terms of cost, reduction of material consumption, shorter filling time, and low breakage rates by using high-strength paper. With the introduction of the two-ply bag solution, we are now focusing on high porous papers giving us faster filling but also very clean bags.”

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