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NAStar Introduces Thermal Transfer White PET to Product Line

MIDDLETON, WI | NAStar has introduced Thermal Transfer White Polyester to the T1055 Temporary Adhesive product line.

VZC5065: Thermal Transfer White Polyester is a 2 mil. polyester-based void synthetic film offered on a 50# liner. The slight matte top coating of VZC5065 provides superior toner anchorage in computer-generated imaging systems and excellent flexo printability.

With NAStar’s unique T1055 Temporary Adhesive, applications for VZC5065 include distribution labels, tote and bin labels, picking and shipping labels, or any application in an outdoor or cold, damp environment. T1055 Temporary Adhesive is a dispersion adhesive providing clean removability from paper or glass, yet also adheres to wood or cold, damp, and frosted surfaces.

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