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Torayfan PC3 OPP Delivers Barrier Durability for Metallized PET & Foil Apps

NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI | Consumer product goods manufacturers and converters facing the unprecedented global shortage of metallized polyester film for packaging applications are said to have an innovative solution available to help meet their customers’ needs. Toray Plastics (America) Torayfan PC3 advanced metallized polypropylene film, which reportedly delivers twice the moisture barrier and three times the oxygen barrier of previous generations of Torayfan metallized OPP, is claimed ideal for metallized PET and foil replacement in tri-laminations. In addition to its excellent moisture- and oxygen-barrier durability, PC3 film is said to offer significant economic advantages, in terms of yield, when compared with metallized PET and foil substrates typically used in laminations. The company says Torayfan PC3 film is also available on a much shorter lead time than metallized PET. High-barrier cold-seal and buried-barrier web applications include packaging for candy bars, frozen food pouches, and stand-up pouches.

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