Learn How to Produce Retort Pouches Successfully at Packaging Group Seminar Series


MILLTOWN, NJ, USA—The secrets to successful retort pouch production — the fast-growing flex-pack application in North America today — will be presented at The Packaging Group's upcoming seminar series The Keys to Successful Pouch Processing in late October.

Presented by The Packaging Group and its executive director (and contributing PFFC editor) Stanley Sacharow, the series will reveal secrets to consistent quality in this demanding food-processing environment. "Led by internationally respected experts, the sessions will cover thermal processing, quality assurance, and materials," says Sacharow.

  • Thermal Processing, Dr. Magdy Hefnawy, product-development consultant to the leading military processor SOPAKCO
    Dr. Hefnawy will discuss production issues, including various types of food filling; necessary heat penetration; and equipment.
  • Quality Assurance, Robert Laing, GM at PAK Technologies Pty. Ltd., an Australia-based international retort-pouch systems supplier
    Laing will cover critical procedures for incoming pouch inspection, seal inspection, HAACP, and specification writing.
  • Materials, Dennis Carespodi, product development director at RJR Packaging
    Carespodi will cover pouch construction, necessary strength barrier, sealant substrates, economics, and key applications.

More information is available by contacting Stan Sacharow at 732/636-0885, or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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